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Impediments to our Faith-Absence of Discipleship and the Holy Spirit Operating in the Lives of Believers (Part 2)

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It goes without saying that many of us have a difficult time grasping the things of YHVH, especially when we first transition into our Faith Community. It’s one thing to decide to give up pork and shell fish and to … Continue reading

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Keeping Shavuot–The Feast of Weeks–Pentecost–Its Importance and Meaning to Messianic Believers Today

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For the Torah Observant Believer in Yeshua Messiah, Shavuot—The Feast of Weeks—Pentecost is about the giving and receiving of YHVH’s Torah and the establishing of the marriage covenant between YHVH and the Children of Israel. The Feast of Weeks is … Continue reading

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The Spirit of the Sons of God -Gospel of the Kingdom of God- Lesson 11 -Episode 83

SPIRIT OF THE SONS OF GOD In Today’s lesson, we will look at how our Father, Yahovah decides who He will choose to become His sons (the sons of God). How Yahovah Chooses His Sons We will start with Romans … Continue reading

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The Gospel of the Kingdom of God-Part 2–What is the Kingdom of God? It’s Not As You Perceive-Episode 74

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What is the Kingdom of God? Part 2 in a Multi-Episode Series on the Gospel of the Kingdom of God Note Dear Friend: If you’ve not already done so, before you listen to this episode, please listen to “The Gospel of … Continue reading

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Episode 24–Discovering Your Purpose

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      Schools, colleges and universities are flooded with people preparing themselves for a purpose. The New Year has started and many people are setting and creating resolutions to fulfill a purpose. Many graduation ceremonies are charged with speeches … Continue reading

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Episode 002–Perceptions Are Everything

Intro and Exit Music composed and produced by Danosong.com It’s Not As You Perceive is a ministry of Qumran Family Church. We trust the Father that this series of podcasts will lend a little helping hand in furthering the Gospel … Continue reading

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Appointed Events on the Feast of Pentecost

In Acts 2:1-4, we read about the event when Yahoshua (Jesus) sent the Holy Spirit to the earth as He promised He would: “When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place.  Suddenly a sound like … Continue reading

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