6Yahoshua Messiah has provided the remedy for our sin through His blood. So, we can follow in His footsteps by walking in His righteousness. He will never leave or forsake us because He is for us, not against us. He gives us the certainty we need to displace the uncertainty holding us back. Therefore, are you willing to step out and follow Him by being His disciple?

Hilary will be conducting teachings on these dates and at these venues. Please email her at itsnotasyouperceive1@gmail if you are interested in attending her speaking engagements or learning more about INAYP Biblical Discipleship Training by clicking the button below.

Thursday 6/27 thru Sun 6/30/2024

Surge Messianic Women’s Conference


 Monday 10/7 thru Monday 10/28/2024 Ministry to Orphans and Widows and Feast of Tabernacles Kenya, Africa  Facilitator

Free PDF Download on the Many Names of God:

Please help yourself to this free PDF Download of the “Many Names of God.” Provide your name and your email address, and hit the submit button. A link will appear–“open-Names”–after the submission process is completed. Click on the link and print out or save your copy of the document. May it bless you in your studies and worship.

The Many Names of God Download

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