Keeping Shavuot–The Feast of Weeks–Pentecost–Its Importance and Meaning to Messianic Believers Today

For the Torah Observant Believer in Yeshua Messiah, Shavuot—The Feast of Weeks—Pentecost is about the giving and receiving of YHVH’s Torah and the establishing of the marriage covenant between YHVH and the Children of Israel. The Feast of Weeks is about the re-establishment of a broken covenant through the grace of YHVH and the outpouring […]

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Pentecost and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God-Part 10

Recap of last lesson Our last lesson covered the Feast of Firstfruits for the barley harvest where we are commanded to bring a Wave Sheaf of barley for the priest to wave before Yahovah to be accepted for us. This sheaf is the first cut sheaf from the firstfruit harvest and represents the unleavened bread […]

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The Gospel of the Kingdom, Part 1

  Many believers are not sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God because they do not understand the difference between: “The Gospel about Jesus” and “the Gospel of the Kingdom of God,” that Yahoshua preached. Matthew records Yahoshua’s commission to us in Mat 28:18-19, saying: “All power and authority has been given to me […]

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