Christmas and Contending for the Faith

Christmas and Contending for the Faith Encouraging the Body of Messiah AS of this writing, Christmas is upon us. My goal in this episode is to encourage the Body of Messiah during this Christmas season is to continue “Earnestly Contending for the Faith Once delivered to the Saints.” Christmas Celebrations ‘Round the World Many Christians […]

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Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the Feast of Passover Part 7

Our Father in heaven, Yahovah, made the perfect redemption plan and set it up in the perfect order. He gave us perfect instructions to participate in His Salvation plan and if we could only follow it perfectly, then everything with us would be good.  In His perfect plan, Father made Yahoshua the  focal point of […]

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The Gospel That Yahoshua Preached

Many Christians will tell you that the definition of the word gospel is “good news” and that the gospel is the message about the death burial and resurrection of Yahoshua. However, the word “gospel” is not exclusive to Christianity. In the Roman Empire, whatever Caesar spoke from his lips, whether it was a charge, decree, […]

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