Our Father in heaven, Yahovah, made the perfect redemption plan and set it up in the perfect order. He gave us perfect instructions to participate in His Salvation plan and if we could only follow it perfectly, then everything with us would be good.  In His perfect plan, Father made Yahoshua the  focal point of His whole salvation plan and the Kingdom of God.

To help us follow his instructions, He gave us a hand and by opening His treasure to us. He gave us His most valued treasure, His only begotten son to shed all his blood on the crucifixion cross in our place because we had no hope of paying the debt we owed, which is the death penalty. So Yahoshua paid it for us with his perfect, holy and righteous life.

Father determined that every aspect of the Kingdom of God will revolve around His Son, Yahoshua. So that the qualification to enter the Kingdom of God, is that we all enter through Yahoshua because He is the door. He came to earth and covertly accomplished this assignment.

And without Yahoshua there is no Passover because he was the only perfect righteous man to meet the qualifications of the Lamb of God. He is holy and perfect just like his father; because of his live for us he gave his life freely to redeem us and deliver us from pending eternal death.  He was the only human being to meet Yahovah’s standard of righteousness needed for the Passover sacrifice.

What is the true Gospel of the Kingdom?
What is the true Gospel of the Kingdom?

Passover is the first pilgrimage feast of Yahovah for the Kingdom of God and without it, the other Spring feasts and Fall feasts are non existent. this Feast commemorates the death of Yahoshua. And every time we do this we do it in remembrance of his death until he comes.

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