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Perception Moment 25: Is Christmas A Holy Celebration?

Is Christmas A Holy Celebration? Part 1  I submit to you that Yahoshua (Jesus) is holy and He is the messiah and the savior of the world. But the celebration of Christmas profanes that which is holy by attributing to the one who is holy, all the unholy accoutrements that make up the Christmas celebration. […]

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Perception Moment 24–And Many Believe on Him, a Follow-up on Believing in Jesus

This concept of believing in and believing on God and in the case of John 10: 42, “…and many believed on Him (Jesus/Yeshua) there.” Belief, perception, faith—all fall within the purview of being a believer. Greek—pisteuo—pe-styu-o—believe, commit unto, commit to one’s trust, be committed unto, believer This is ever so important to grasp as a […]

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Episode 18–Should We Celebrate Hanukkah?

SHOULD WE CELEBRATE HANUKKAH?  My purpose in this episode is to highlight the lessons to be learned from Hanukkah, also known as the Feast of Dedication; and to encourage you to consider the importance of these lessons to your path of righteous living and building your faith. We can all stand to have more faith […]

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Episode 17–Why is Hanukkah Not In My Bible

I_am_Allan / / CC BY-NC The celebration of Hanukkah is also called the Feast of Dedication, mentioned in John 10:22-30 of the New Testament; however, there are no details about the Feast in this brief mention, except that Yahoshua attended this feast, and he taught in parables there. Hanukkah usually falls in the winter […]

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