Is Christmas A Holy Celebration? Part 1 

I submit to you that Yahoshua (Jesus) is holy and He is the messiah and the savior of the world. But the celebration of Christmas profanes that which is holy by attributing to the one who is holy, all the unholy accoutrements that make up the Christmas celebration. It is sacrilege to attribute the fulfilling of the prophecy of the coming of the messiah to a pagan god, under the guise of a different name; and even celebrate his coming according to pagan ordinance and still expect the message to be holy? The tainted message of Christmas causes us to label the intentions of the Christian church, foul! This blog will be completed in two parts in order to give you the necessary details to support my position.

Christmas Tree

On the surface, Christmas cheer engenders hope for miracles, and expressions of love and caring for others; joy and peace to the world. To demonstrate their Christmas spirit during the Christmas season, individuals and organizations collect gifts for the needy so they too can have a merry Christmas. Stores are decorated poised to capitalize on the gift giving spirit of the season. While the lines at the Post Office are longer, the parking lots are full and everyone seems to be in a hustle and bustle in preparation for the celebration of Christmas Day.  At the same time, the shopping malls and shopping centers are crowded with shoppers filling their carts and baskets with gifts for exchange and decorations; especially, decorations for the Christmas tree. Last minute Shoppers are rushing to get the best values while finishing their last minute shopping and gift wrapping.

By Christmas morning Santa would have completed his deliveries and completed his round trip to the North Pole. All the nice people will find gifts labeled with their names under the tree. The air is filled with Christmas Carols music, and all Christians who celebrate Christmas will open the gifts sitting under the tree and watch for the expressions on each other’s face as they open their surprise. Old and Young children are wondering what gifts they will receive from Santa Claus and at the same time others are sinking into depression for economic and emotional reasons because they did not have the resources to travel, to share or to participate in the shopping and festivities of the season.

Not Mary and Jesus as many would love to believe.

Not Mary and Jesus as many would love to believe.

Christmas is the most celebrated Christian holiday. It is so festive that even non Christians get involved in the Christmas cheer. The gift giving spirit and the cheerful decorations are enough to bring joy to the world and cause any non-Christian to want to convert.  Many Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus are finding a way to attend the Christmas parties, decorate their homes and participate in gift exchanges.  Let’s face it, Christmas is contagious and mesmerizing! Our grandson who just turned two is mesmerized by the lights and decorations. He keeps pointing to Santa Claus and is asking, “What’s that”? His dad answers in a factual tone, “a man in a red suit” The baby sees the decorated Christmas tree and it stops him in his tracks, as he stares in amazement and says, “W-aoao-w!” Yes, like a magnet, children of all ages get pulled in. We celebrated Christmas up until 12 years ago, so I can identify with all the people and our baby who is mesmerized by the festivities. We are fortunate that when we broke away from celebrating Christmas, our children were on board and preached the anti-Christmas message to their friends and teachers at school. Now, we are strategizing on how to break the bad news about the beautiful tree and the man in the red suit to our baby, gently.

In the past, the Christmas season started after Thanksgiving dinner. Today, it starts after Halloween! Give me a break! I would like to get ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday without the bombardment of Christmas trees and long lines of families waiting to take a picture with Santa! I frequently hear Christians saying, “Christmas has become so commercialized”.  Well, can somebody please tell me by whom?

Many children who are internet savvy already know that Jesus was not born on December 25th, but they dare not tell the pastor or their parents because that would bring an end to the gift giving. I am sure they are baffled that the pastor of the Christian church and all these adults do not seem to know. This week, at the Saddleback Church around the corner from where we live, Rick Warren has covered the whole campus with snow and turned it into a winter wonderland with Christmas trees, Santa and reindeers to bring in the Advent of Jesus’ birth. And, I kid you not; he has also created a “Free Advent app”!! The Advent App offers daily readings, prayers, and devotionals beginning November 28, to help you ready your heart and mind for Christmas. This is a big day for the Christian church because this is the day when they get the most gifts in their offering basket! They have to start the advertisement very soon, and that is why Saddleback church started their commercials on November 12th for the Advent preparation, which began on November 28th; for the advent, which will occur on December 25th. It is no wonder Christmas has become commercialized!

To some people, Christmas is a tradition and a happy time of year, to others it is a holy time of year to celebrate the birthday of the savior of the world. Nonetheless, the celebration calls for installing the centerpiece of the home, church, office, mall, building, community or party: the Christmas tree. Decorating the tree has become a ceremony before wrapping the gifts and placing them under the tree. Why is this tradition or “holiday” such a mainstay in Christian communities? The simple answer is, because Christians revere December 25th as the birthday of their God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Now, there are some adults who tell me they have heard that Jesus was not born on December 25th, but they still celebrate his birthday on that day because that is when the Christian church celebrates it. As a result, most devout Christians who do not attend church throughout the year will go to church on Christmas morning. As for the non-Christians, it is just a time to party and have a good time with friends. I believe it’s a wonderful thing to end the year with people showing love and caring for each other in the spirit of peace, in their hope to bring joy to the world. But if we truly want to celebrate the birthday of the messiah, then there is a much better way which I will share with you in Part 2.

Do you believe the Christian pastors know that December 25th is not the birthday of Jesus and that December 25th is actually the birthday of a pagan god? It would be a shame if they didn’t know, since knowledge has increased and the answer is only a keystroke away. In speaking to many Christian pastors, I am aware that they know the truth but have decided to keep their congregation ignorant of the facts because Christmas is an income generating opportunity for all areas of commerce which includes the church. To validate or rationalize their celebration of Christmas, here is an excerpt from the Washington Times, December 18. 2013 of what Pastor Stephen Vicaro, Hillside O’Malley SDA Church in Anchorage, Alaska has to say about it:

“To be clear, there is nothing special about the particular time of year, nor the date December 25. Many Christians know that Jesus was not born in the Winter, but in the Fall. Though there is merit in all of Christendom celebrating in unison the birth of our Lord, it is important to remember that Jesus, the Gift, is the focal point, not the date or the time of year.  Our secular culture celebrates Christmas, not as a recognition of God’s Gift, but of materialism and the “spirit of Christmas.” Our culture has put a magical mystique to December 25 that has more to do with reindeer and elves than with the baby Jesus. I think that this is why God distinctly excluded the exact date from the Scriptures. He didn’t want us to view the birthday as more important than the One born on the day.”

Well, is there anything wrong with celebrating Christmas if you are in it for the party? Let me see if King Solomon, the wisest king who ever lived, will answer this question for us. He wrote the book of Proverbs so let’s read some of his counsel as we lays the foundation to the answer: Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction”. Proverbs 1:10 he says, “My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent”. Proverbs 13:20, “He that walks with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” 

Now, let’s hear what the apostle Paul has to say in 2 Corinthians 6: 16-18,

16 And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God; as God has said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. 17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be you separate, says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. 18 And will be a Father unto you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty”. 

Therefore, the answer to the question in plain language is: It is better for you to avoid guilt by association by not condoning the very act that is forbidden.

If you worship the sun god then you are right for celebrating the birthday of your god. If you follow the Roman Catholic tenets of faith then this Advent is one of their sacraments so you are right by your faith and system of worship.

If you are a protestant Christian then you are also right for celebrating Christmas because the Protestant Christian doctrine adheres to the sacraments of the Roman Catholic church.

But if you worship Yahovah and are a disciple /follower of His son Yahoshua (called Jesus by Roman Catholics and Protestant Christians) and you obey His Torah and are seeking to please Him; then by celebrating Christmas, you are participating in the worship of a pagan god and you have no business in that arena. I encourage you to stop following tradition and stop condoning the worship of pagan gods. You are the light of the world and if you condone these practices then you have put your light under a bushel and hidden it from those who need the light to come out of darkness. The light of the world is not exemplified by the lights on a tree or the lights that decorate your home. It is seen by the light of the words of the gospel of the kingdom of God that seek to pierce the darkness in men’s minds and plant seeds of the truth before it is too late. It is your job to tell your friends who want to come out of spiritual darkness, that the Christmas celebration is the ordained worship of the pagan god Tammuz, who was born from Semiramis, through “Immaculate Conception” from the god Nimrod. Let them know that the God who they are seeking to worship is not as they perceive.

The Christmas celebration is a distortion of what the messiah was all about, in other words, a Smoking Mirror. Though the focus on the outside of the message is Jesus, the formula of celebration, the centerpiece and trappings of the Yule log, the Christmas tree with the gold and silver balls hanging from it, the date of the celebration, and the gift giving, feasts and parties and festivities of the season all belong to the birthday celebration of a different god, Tammuz (see Alexander Hislop: The Two Babylons, pg.93).  There ought not to be Christ in Christmas because the celebration does not represent him in any way.

When Rome told the Christian church that they would be able to maintain their religion and belief system, it was a ploy to assimilate the Christian religion. Like the brogue, from the TV series Star Trek, The Roman Catholic Church converted Christianity into a new product that in no way resembled the original Hebrew faith! You see, if you do the research you will find that Roman Catholicism, is a medley of many Babylonian religions fused together with the Christian faith.

In the protestant movement, Martin Luther and his cohorts were not educated in the Hebrew faith because Luther was a Roman Catholic Priest who later was promoted to Bishop. His revolution abandoned only a few parts of the Roman Catholic faith; but for the most part, they kept the bulk of it intact. As a result, the Roman Catholic Church is the mother of the protestant Christian church! And the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree! Therefore, the practices of Easter and Christmas by the Protestant Christians are observances of the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. We cannot continue to practice replacement theology and expect to have pure theology.

Friends, do not be deceived! The holy cannot share the same altar with the unholy for worship. We must remove the unholy thing and rededicate to that which is holy. Satan has put on a carnival and you are playing a game of smoking mirrors. Can you guess which god is behind the mirror? Friends, we must be alert and study to show ourselves approved unto God. We cannot serve the holy and the unholy together. We must get rid of one and serve the other.

Christians, you may think that Christmas is the celebration of the messiah’s birth but it is not as you perceive! You are only celebrating the birthday of the sun god, Tammuz. Assimilating Christianity was a bait and switch ploy to make Christians think they would continue to practice their faith. Instead it was a ploy to seamlessly meld cultures under one government, without the pagans surrendering their customs.

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