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Writing–The 21st Century Lost Art

We have been asked by some of our readers about writing and how we come about writing as we do. We are not experts on writing. But what little we do know, we are happy to pass on: 1. Write often! Always write something. If you can, write at least one thing of substance each day.  At work […]

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It is Appointed Unto Men Once to Die, Part 2

  young_einstein / Foter In keeping with our previous posts on death and the Bible, especially in light of a rash of celebrity deaths this year; we thought it would be interesting to explore some established religious beliefs on the topic of death. Recall that we looked at the widely perceived, sterling cornerstone of the […]

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Tender Moments Create Strong Family Bonds

My mother was a story teller. She loved to sing and she developed my love for poetry. She would see a bird hopping on the ground or a lizard running in the yard and she would entertain me by making up a story about a conversation they may be having. She did this all the […]

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The Gospel That Yahoshua Preached

Many Christians will tell you that the definition of the word gospel is “good news” and that the gospel is the message about the death burial and resurrection of Yahoshua. However, the word “gospel” is not exclusive to Christianity. In the Roman Empire, whatever Caesar spoke from his lips, whether it was a charge, decree, […]

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His Mercies Are New Every Morning

In today’s Christianity many churches are providing “milk” to an adult audience and church members are not experiencing the spiritual growth expected after being in the church for decades. My family attended a church in Southern California for a few years after my husband became converted and our biggest challenge each Sabbath was to stay […]

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