One of the greatest issues that remains a non-issue for the average Christian today is the law (also known as the Law of Moses, the Pentateuch, the first 5-books of the old testament, or the Torah). The issue of whether Christians should obey the law has been effectively squelched and opposed by the Faith for two-millennia. The primary weapon used by the Ch-rch fathers and subsequent Ch-rch scholars has been the corpus of writings by the Apostle Paul (although in some of our previous posts we attempted to show how the writings of Paul are often grossly misunderstood and thus misinterpreted by one and all). With tremendous zeal and indignation to some extent, the Ch-rch has done everything in its power to denigrate Yahweh’s Law through a systematic hijacking of the doctrine of grace.

Ah yes…grace, certainly one of the great doctrinal pillars of modern day Ch-rchianity. Crafted and refined over a period of some 2000-years, its beauty and simplicity effectively calls out to a world searching for an alternative to their unfulfilled lives.

Reason need not be tapped when it comes to understanding the law’s place in the Ch-rch because grace stands supreme and needs no support from anybody, anything, not even the Bible itself. It seems that the new convert to Ch-rchianty, after spiritually signing on the dotted line of their new Faith acceptance, is provided absolutely no admonishments or standards by which he or she is to live by. Why is that? Well, from our experiences there are a number of reasons:

  1. You are automatically given free admission to heaven and eternal life
  2. The sins of your past and the sins you commit in the future are all covered under the grace plan
  3. You may or may not see a change in your behavior throughout the remainder of the rest of your life. It really doesn’t matter, because the Holy Spirit will change us to be perfect citizens in heaven for all eternity at the time of the great rapture of the Ch-rch. Thus, it is not possible for the Ch-istian to experience a perfect life in the spirit and form of Y’shua simply because of our sinful nature.

Therefore, don’t put yourself out too much to make life changes. In due time your change will come. Just face it, you are going to sin and sin and sin again. So, don’t sweat the “small stuff.” Just do the best you can. Besides, God knows your heart, right?

Nice, just what the “doctor ordered, huh?”

Is it no wonder why self-professing Chr-stians are leaving the Faith in droves every year, especially the young-people? Why? Because the religion that many of the Faith’s adherents were sold turned out to be not fulfilling at all. In fact, most of those who have left the Faith have indicated that the Faith holds absolutely little to no value to them. Many indicated that in recent years they had NO personal relationship with Yahweh. Others indicated that they get more fulfillments from their day-to-day secular lives (that provide them with continuous entertainment, fantasy, value systems, friendships, a sense of belonging, happiness, and etc.) than they got through an association with a Ch-istian denomination (reference the Barna Group). Thus the traditional Ch-istian Faith for an increasing number of adherents is a hollow shell. Is today’s Christianity the Faith that Y’shua had in mind when he said to His followers in John 10:10—“…I came that they might life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”?

What then is missing in this equation Saints-in-Training? Could the answer possibly be achieved through an understanding of the law as it relates to today’s Chr-stian, in spite of the ardent teachings of traditional/fundamental Ch-rchianity? Maybe the Ch-rch’s position on the Law of Yahweh is error-ridden and it is this position that is to blame for demise of Ch-rchianity today.

Join Hilary and Rod in our next series of podcast as we discuss the significance of Yahweh’s Law to today’s Ch-rch.

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