Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might. (Eccl 9:10). Sometimes it is difficult to start a project when there are so many projects to do; so we become overwhelmed, unsure where to start, or even unsure which project to start first. Some projects are easier to start, others are more time consuming, some incurr more expense, some are more challenging, some once finished make you feel more accomplished and others are more rewarding. Whatever the project, we must take hold of opportunities when they come our way instead of sit idly,doing nothing, waiting for the right time and the right setting to get started. Just take the opportunity facing you and get started. My father once said, ”opportunity is like a bald headed man with a patch of hair in front of his head. You must grab him when he is facing you because once he turns his back its too late.”

For example, you may have heard the modern parable about the man drowning in the sea:

“A man is drowning in the sea.”Help me, Lord,” he cried.
Just then, a fishing trawler comes by. ”Climb on board” yelled the fisherman.
”No, no, no,” says the drowning man. ”The Lord will save me.”
”OK,we will be on our way, then,” replied the boat captain.
Two minutes later a rescue helicopter landed along-side the drowning man, and the pilot threw a rope into the fierce waves. ”I do not need any help,” cried the breathless man, ”The Lord will come and rescue me.”
Moments later the man drowned, and found himself in heaven. On meeting God, the man cried: ”Lord, I was waiting for you to rescue me from drowning! Why did you not save me?”
God replied: ” I sent you a boat and a helicopter but you didn’t want either of them!”

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Like the drowning man, do you find yourself in the same situation, calling out to God asking him to show you His will and purpose for your life, praying and exercising your faith, waiting for a sign or waiting to be given an assignment or waiting to be used by a certain group of your choice, but that offer of assignment has not been extended to you? Then just like the drowning man you are about to learn that you could waste your life waiting while ignoring the opportunities God has provided to you to fulfill your purpose.

There is no secret to fulfilling your God given purose on this earth. It is simply finding out what gifts, talents and abilities you were born with, use them daily so they can be fully developed. Practice making the sacrifice and taking the time to recognize those who are in need of what you have received from God then give from your abundance so others will see the heart of God in you. Be quick to lend a helping hand to others, showing others the way to go and freely sharing with them the knowledge, wisdom and understanding you have received from God.

Pay attention to who is in need and what they are in need of. Do you know who has the resources to provide for those with that type of need? How can you get the two parties to become aware of each other or facilitate the giving and receiving process? By doing so you will be using your God-given gifts and talents to the glory of God. Start doing this on a small scale and over time it will grow into a larger scale.

What does it mean to fulfill your purpose? The question assumes that you believe God made you for a purpose and that is your reason for being on the earth. Would a manufacturer make a tool for a purpose without proper design for its effectiveness? If the tool breaks and is not able to fulfill its purpose then we consider it defective and take it back for a repair, replacement or refund because it didnt do what it was meant to do.

Well, its the same way with us. We are God’s tools made for a purpose and equipped or designed with that purpose in mind. It is our job to rise to the occasion when the opportunity presents itself.

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