Weekly Feast of Yahovah: Seventh day Sabbath

Moses received instructions on all the holy feasts of Yahovah.  It was on a Sabbath, the first day of Unleavened Bread of Yahovah’s feast day, that He brought Israel out of the bondage of slavery of Egypt on eagle’s wings.  Yahovah commanded Moses in Leviticus 23, to proclaim His feasts to the children of Israel. Proclaim them to be holy convocations. The word proclaim in Hebrew is ‘qara’ (kaw-raw), which means to cry out. So Moses must use a loud voice when he delivers this teaching. The impact of crying out is to get their full attention, take it seriously, marks this lesson as one that is very important and to be remembered to observe them as holy convocations.

Sabbath Day Does Relate to The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

The word holy in Hebrew is qodesh (ko-desh), which means it is a sacred, set apart and separated time unto Yahovah.  All these words tell me “do not disturb” or “do not be distracted”. Holiness comes from Yahovah and without our acknowledgement and honoring of His presence for the whole time; we stand the chance to become distracted with the stresses and cares of life that takes us away from the focus and mindset He is expecting from us.

For this reason we must develop our attention span. Babies and children have very short attention spans. As they grow and mature, their attention span will increase with their development. In the classroom, we plan our lessons to accommodate their attention span. As we approach high school we are able to focus much longer and take less breaks. The materials we must focus on become more complex because the chains of events that relate to each other are longer and we will miss the relationship of each chain if we break our focus before we get to the end of the chain. The ability to do this marks our growth towards maturity.  Therefore, holiness requires us to grow in spiritual maturity.

The word convocation in Hebrew is miqra (mik-raw), which means assembling or calling together for a specific purpose. Therefore, when the children of Israel assembled in the house of YHVH, to attend His feasts they found it to be a repetitive process with many fine details requiring precision, their focus and attention. The tasks were in service to Yahovah who is holy and so required each Israelite in the service of the assembly to meet the standard of holiness set by Yahovah himself.

These holy assemblies were rehearsal events or drills where each servant in the Temple of Yahovah learned his holy duty part and practice it until he could recount the steps involved until his delivery was flawless. The people were also included in the rehearsal because they brought the sacrifice that was to be offered on their behalf as the sin offering, the thanksgiving offering, the first fruits offering, the atonement offerings, etc. And at their time of presenting their offering they were given what to say in order to present it correctly to the priest. So though the masses were not called to be servants in temple, they all took part in the rehearsals because of what they provided, what they had to recite at the time of presenting their offering, and the manner in which they were prescribed to offer it. After receiving the instructions, mastering their part or getting it right, required them to practice on their own time. Also, they were responsible to teach these things to their children.

Our Father gave us to Yahoshua so we can become His new creation. His plans for us are better than we can think. They are plans for peace, hope, and a future of joy and prosperity. May be draw closer to him sowe can see ourselves in a clearer light; and experience his loving presence. There is no greater love than the love he has poured out on us through sacrificial offering of the life blood of His son, Yahoshua.

May you have a blessed and prosperous week!

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