The Gospel of the Kingdom of God Part 8–The Feast of Unleavened Bread Relative to the Gospel of the Kingdom of God

Written By: Hilary - Sep• 07•16

As disciples of Yahoshua, we are commissioned to go out and make disciples of all nations, preaching the gospel that Yahoshua taught. To do this we must return to the teachings of Yahoshua in order to deliver the pure message of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. This is the same gospel that the apostles received from Yahoshua and preached to the first century believers. Any other teaching that does not conform to his teaching is corrupted with leaven.

In Luke 12 and Matthew 16, Yahoshua commanded his disciples to avoid or beware of the leaven of Herod, the Pharisees and Sadducees. That leaven he spoke of is their teachings, laws and doctrines? Yahoshua who came to fulfill (make plain) the Torah and the Prophets, addressed in his teachings, the issues of the day affecting the people’s walk with God. He targeted the leaven of the religious leaders of the Jews and labeled them hypocrites, brood of vipers, children of the devil and seed of the devil.

What is the true Gospel of the Kingdom?
What is the true Gospel of the Kingdom?

There are different types of leaven spoken about in the Bible and in general, leaven represents sin and corrupt influence. However, there is one instance where he used leaven in a parable and it represented something good. This was the parable of the “Woman who hid a small amount of leaven in three measures of flour, until it was all leavened” (Matthew 13:33).

This lesson focuses on the Feast of Unleavened Bread and how it relates to the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Leaven here represents sin and corrupt influences. Our Father in heaven wants us to remove the bad leaven because it disqualifies us from the first resurrection, from entering the Kingdom of God, and from being the bride of Messiah.

He described the leaven-free lifestyle, in Matthew 5 and Matthew 6 and finally he described the rewards of living a leaven-free life and the consequences of not avoiding the leaven. His goal was to educate us on what is acceptable to Yahovah, since Yahovah requires us to be perfect as He is perfect.

As a result, Yahoshua said, “You be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect”. The natural mind tells us that it is impossible for us to be perfect because we live in this carnal body. However, Yahovah has not asked us to do the impossible. The problem we face is that those of us, who came out of the Christian church, are filled with the leaven (teachings, doctrine) that misinterprets the grace of God.

What is the relationship between the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God?
What is the relationship between the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God?

The Bible lists Yahovah’s grace (Hebrew: Chen) and mercy to help us meet the holiness criteria. The Hebrew meaning of the word for grace is ‘favor, charm’. In Hebrew root word ‘chanan’ (khaw-nan) meaning to bend or stoop in kindness to another as a superior to an inferior; favor, to bestow (Strongs# 2603). His grace bestows his love and mercy towards us to HELP us in the areas of our needs.
His has given us the greatest miracle of His grace through His Son, because of His love. Through Yahoshua we have received Father’s grace of sanctification, salvation, redemption, purification and justification. This is the greatest miracle of grace we have received but we overlook it and stand in jeopardy of losing eternal life, ignoring so great a salvation, knowing that His grace is greater than all our sins.

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