Reconciliation of a Broken Marriage–Lesson 13- Gospel of the Kingdom of God

Reconciliation agreements bring persons together in agreement with each other. If the previous agreement was violated and resulted in separation, then the reconciliation agreement would bring them together again. If the separation was between husband and wife then the reconciliation agreement would result in the renewal of cohabitation between them, destroying the effect of a […]

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The Gospel That Yahoshua Preached

Many Christians will tell you that the definition of the word gospel is “good news” and that the gospel is the message about the death burial and resurrection of Yahoshua. However, the word “gospel” is not exclusive to Christianity. In the Roman Empire, whatever Caesar spoke from his lips, whether it was a charge, decree, […]

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A Parable About Death (Part III)

  UggBoy♥UggGirl [ PHOTO // WORLD // TRAVEL ] / Foter 1970’s Pop Music diva Donna Summer died sometime in the morning of May 17, 2012. The media reported that her death was due to unspecified lung cancer. Like Whitney Houston who lost her life earlier this year, these talented women both claimed to be born again Christians. Traditional […]

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