Gospel of the Kingdom of God: Lesson 14, The Law of Reconciliation-Part-1

Under the leadership of Joshua and the Elders; and under the rule of King David and then King Solomon, Israel was the envy of the known world because of their awesome and mighty God and His Laws which He had given them to make them wise. In addition, He had blessed them so no curses […]

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Episode 53–Hanukkah’s Greatest Hidden Secrets Part 2

Part 2–A Case of Anti-Jewish/Anti-Hebrew Sentiments Leading to Christianity’s Profound Ignorance On the Keeping of Easter–From the Letter of the Emperor to all those not present at the Council (Found in Eusebius, Vita Const., Lib. iii., 18-20) Jude 1:4 speaks to those ungodly men who crept into the Body and corrupted the Faith Hanukkah and […]

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