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INAYP-42 — The Rapture–The Christian versus Servant Perspective–Part 1 in a Series

The end-times has for centuries captured the attention of most believers in Christ. Many have taken it upon themselves to decipher the mysterious writings of the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation and the stark and troublesome prophecy delivered … Continue reading

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Perception Moment 24–And Many Believe on Him, a Follow-up on Believing in Jesus

This concept of believing in and believing on God and in the case of John 10: 42, “…and many believed on Him (Jesus/Yeshua) there.” Belief, perception, faith—all fall within the purview of being a believer. Greek—pisteuo—pe-styu-o—believe, commit unto, commit to … Continue reading

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The Amazing Power of Human Perceptions

I am fascinated by the role and influence that perceptions have on human existence. It would seem reasonable to conclude that perceptions play some type of primal role in every aspect of human existence. Perceptions protect us, ground us, move … Continue reading

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Are the Writings of Paul a Stumbling Block for the Modern Day Christian, Part 4

So then, the question remains, are the writings of Paul a stumbling block for many of today’s Christians? From my last three postings I have laid out what I believe to be the case that many of the doctrines of … Continue reading

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The Bible: Not Always an Easy Read

    We were recently visited by two friends, former church acquaintances (we no longer attend a former church). The fellowship was very refreshing and the time passed very quickly. There were stories exchanged, songs sung, and a couple meals … Continue reading

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