According to today’s “Mail Online,”  NASA recently detected a solar flare the size of 15 earths “set end to end” (check out this video––blast-knocks-radio-communications-Europe.html). Although the flare was not directed at earth, the flare did cause some radio interference across Europe. The flare eruptions this year alone have become stronger and more frequent. It is projected that between now and 2013 (unknown how late into 2013), our sun will experience major flare eruptions which could potentially cause havoc here on earth. These same scientists are careful to delineate exactly the type of havoc to be had here on earth, but if the most recent occurrence is any indication our 21st century planet at the most extreme end of the spectrum could experience widespread communications outages and disruption of basic electronic based services. Devices such as modern cars, ipods, cell phones, computers, bank ATMs, and the like may be rendered totally inoperable. Some experts believe that a major X-class solar flare (the most severe and potentially damaging) hitting the earth could set modern 21st century nations back 100 years or so, technologically speaking. That means banks will not be able to service you, supermarkets will not be able to order new stocks of food (or check you out at the check out stand), gas pumps will not function, your modern electronic cars will not start or run, our refrigerators and freezers will not work, our utilities will face catastrophic shut downs such as gas and electric and water, and we could go on and on.

Dear brothers and sisters in Yehoshua, please understand that we are not seeking to strike fear in the hearts of our readers. But being a faith-based blog we are compelled to see things from the perspective of loving and helping our neighbors and helping  our readers develop unshakable faith in God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that will weather anything the enemy has to throw at us. In loving and helping we strive to provide you with information that will make your Christian walk more meaningful and efficacious.

A catastrophic, technology crushing solar flare may or may not happen as some presume to predict. May our Father and Creator provide this world protection and a safe haven for His beloved children. But let’s presume that such a event could happen. Please consider doing the following to protect you and your family in the event that such an eruption occurs:

  • Start stocking up on non-perishable food items. We would suggest taking a portion of your weekly grocery budget and buying non-perishable food items and store them in a safe, cool, and dry place.
  • Start stocking up on water. Remember you will need not only water to drink but water for your basic sanitary needs
  • Set aside some cash in a safe place
  • Purchase flashlights and batteries
  • If you have the financial means consider purchasing a solar generator
  • If you have the means and wherewithal, consider planting your own emergency vegetable garden
  • Stock up on first aid supplies
  • Stay healthy in the interim by exercising and eating properly
  • Stay ever so close to Yahweh

These are just some commonsense things you can do to prepare for such a catastrophe. Do not depend upon the government to save you. Remember Katrina? Some expert predict that such a major catastrophe could last for days, weeks or even months before basic services are restored.

God watches over his own and he would not have such an event occur without warning his precious children. We have to learn to always listen and  pay attention to the signs. Read. Inquire. Ask questions. Be proactive. In this case, scientists are predicting a potential major problem that could affect millions. Thus, the wise of us must heed the warnings and take appropriate and necessary actions.

Stay informed and alert. Pray without ceasing. And stay tuned to our blog. We will monitor the latest events that could affect  the True Christians of today. Blessing.

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