“And Mary was preserving all these things, pondering in her heart”  (Luke 2:19 Youngs Literal Translation)

If you have seen the television series, “Sarah Connor Chronicles” (spin off from the movie, Terminator), then you will understand a mother’s heart and a mother’s instinct to watch over and protect her child. She pays attention to her environment and her radar is always on the alert to pick up clues of danger beforehand so she can be proactive in taking necessary steps to protect her child. Not only because he was her child, but also because she became aware from the child’s father that the child would serve in an influential role in the future as a political/military leader who is loved and respected by his people.

Each time I watch the series, I am always impressed with how the character, Sarah Connor, pondered the information she received and took action to document it and prepare training and defenses for her unborn son. Her energy and interest were motivated by her love for him and her determination to help him fulfill his purpose.

In the same way, Mary was determined to help her child Yahshua, fulfill His purpose. She listened to the message from the angel, her cousin Elizabeth, the shepherds, and later the high priest, about her son. She learned her child would bring about political change and would be a future leader for the nation of Israel.  While this was a lot of information to hear, understand and remember; as a mother, she pondered or weighed in her heart her role in raising him besides giving birth. 

While this was exciting news, it was also sobering news. It meant a big challenge for a young girl, for raising a child who has a big purpose. She had the responsibility to train him, teach him, encourage him, protect him, nurture his gifts and talents and not inhibit him from fulfilling his purpose but allow him the freedom and time for God’s plan to come true.

Like Mary and like the true to life character Sarah Connor, the mother’s instinct kicks in during pregnancy and the preparations and teachings start from the womb. The guidance and nurturing of gifts and talents take place after the baby is born. Let us be patient with our children, acknowledging that they, regardless of uniqueness, have been placed into our care for a purpose and our job is to help them to fulfill that purpose.

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