INAYP-70–When Is the True Believer’s New Year’s Day?

When is the True Believer’s New Year’s Day?

It’s Not As You Perceive–Episode 70

When is the true believer’s new year’s day?

The vast majority of “Churched” believers in the world celebrated or recognized Jan. 1, 2016 as the beginning of the calendar year. It would not be too much of a stretch to say that many of these same “churched” believers celebrated with gusto that very day with various activities designed to usher in the beginning of a new year. That special day on the world’s calendar was celebrated and recognized as the beginning of the new calendar year of 2016 by churched believers and secular people alike.

That being said, of all the brick and mortar churches around the world, it is a fair bet that the overwhelming majority of pastors, ministers, preachers, teachers, etc.; none of these would have the wherewithal or understanding to refute or deny to their members that Jan. 1, 2016, is the actual new year. These church leaders, if they were brazen enough to stand before their followers and denounce Jan. 1, 2016 as not the beginning of the believer’s new year, but is actually of pagan origin, would likely be dismissed as a fool or actually dismissed from their position in the church. Simply put, the world is so intricately linked to the Gregorian calendar and the established Roman reckoning of time that any suggestion that Jan. 1, 2016 is not the beginning of the calendar year would be seen as cultic or something born out of ignorance or ridiculous folly. But the fact of the matter is that so-called cultic, ignorant or ridiculous church leader would be in the absolute right. Jan. 1st is NOT the true believer’s new year day nor is it the beginning of any true believer’s calendar year.

Sadly, the vast majority of self-professing Christians in the world believe themselves to be true believers or followers of Jesus Christ. Certainly, the majority of the world’s so-called Christians or believers in Jesus Christ are just what they say they are: these are believers in a Westernized–Greek–even pagan-based entity, some contending deity, certainly not the true Son of the Creator of the Universe as foretold of by the prophets of old and as documented in the Gospel accounts and the writings of the apostles. The nominal–2+ billion strong in number–Christian, believes in a savior that will return some day and snatch them from this earth and transport them to heaven where they will gaze upon the glory of their savior for all eternity. The Gospel according to these is based upon eliciting an emotional response from the would be convert who will go through the motions of inviting Jesus into their heart and accepting Jesus as their personal savior–whatever that actually means or looks like. For these, that is all that will ever be required of them until such time that they are whisked away to heaven at the rapture, apart from obeying the rules of their select church organization. But is this indeed the person that the Gospel records portray and describe? Or is this a formulated–packaged–fairy tale of a being that was made up under a Constantinian–religious system that has survived in the grandest of fashion, even to this very day?

And this widely accepted entity that a third of the world claims as their savior seems to mesh well with the world’s understanding and acceptance of the Jan. 1st new year’s day–as both are by-products of a man-made system that has captured the imaginations and hearts and lives of billions throughout time. Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, the vast majority of these individuals understanding and knowledge of when the New Year begins is NOT as they perceive it to be at all. Is it possible, then, that the true believer’s new year’s day is actually recorded in the true believer’s very own bible; the very place where he or she should consult as it relates to the understanding of their all aspects of their Faith? The instruction manual? And if they were to read it in their bibles, would they actually accept it or even recognize whether it pertained to them or not? Certainly, a great deal of their potential acceptance and recognition would have to rely upon their understanding of who they must ultimately become, who their true redeemer and Messiah is, and what they must do to become a true believer, not in a Westernized–Constantinian–pagan-based savior, but in the Messiah–the true Son of the Living God whose name is Yahovah.

Friend–you who are either reading this blog or listening to this podcast posting–would you be open to learning what the true beginning of the calendar year is? Would you be open to learning that the new year is actually not Jan. 1st? Would you be shocked to learn that a true believer in the Hebrew Messiah–not Jesus Christ–but Yahoshua–the Hebrew name of the Messiah–not Christ–but Messiah or Mashiyach–would you be shocked to learn that 4/10/2016 was the start of the true believer’s –or better, the disciple of Messiah’s new year?

First off, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, be you a Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian, Charismatic, whatever, you would be best served to make a course correction in your Faith and consider accepting and adopting the true Faith once delivered to the first century saints by Y’shua Messiah–Jude 5, 5. What was it that the earthly brother of our Master wrote? He wrote–beginning with verse 3:

Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation (speaking of their communal or general understanding), I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the Faith that was once for all delivered to the saints (speaking to those first-fruits of the first-century who braved all sorts of danger to live in accordance to the teachings of Y’shua Messiah).  For certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ (in Hebrew, Yahoshua HaMashiyahc).

Yes, it’s not until you realize that you are NOT on a highway to heaven but more so on a highway to destruction; that the Faith that you should actually be linked to is of Hebrew origin and not that of Rome, which the Christian is actually and truly linked to; that you are not your own–that you have been bought with a price (reference 1 Corintians 6:20) and that you can not simply live according to the old way in which you have been taught by the church that it’s okay to live; that we have been grafted in to the Hebrew tree that is our Faith through the agency and work of Yahoshua (reference Romans 11), then you will be in a position to make the proper course correction as it relates to your Faith and your eternal life. Yahoshua (erroneously referred to as Jesus Christ by churchianity–that is Christianity that believes in churching people as opposed to discipling people in accordance with the instructions of the Master just before he ascended to His Father in heaven–He said to his disciples–in Hebrew disciples is talmidim– He said to them,

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey–obedience is something that most churches neglect to teach their members to do–obey everything I (remember this is Yahoshua speaking)–everything I have commanded you. And remember, I ham with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20, NET)

Sadly, church–Christianity–teaches that you have come into you Faith to be saved and then churched, and that your job is to find someone else and get them saved and then churched. But I’ve been reading Matthew 28:18-20 over and over again, for a number of years, and I can not for the life of me find where we were instructed by our Master to get people saved and then get them indoctrinated and set up in a church. But it finally drills home to me, after I let go the church and the salvation thing, that our job is to make disciples of Yahoshua Messiah and to obey that which Master instructed us to do. It’s a simple formula that Christianity–that churchianity–has for whatever reason, elected to NOT tell you, but instead has elected to fill your head with the idea that you must escape eternal damnation in hell fire, get your singed bottom in heaven, and live out eternity in the glory of Jesus Christ–the 2nd Person of the Godhead, right? But what about the true instructions that Master left with His disciples on the Mount of Olives? Did He not say, make disciples of all nations, one; then baptize those who would become disciples; then three, teach those brand new disciples to be obedient to everything that Master commanded us to do? So where is the salvation thing that seems to always be tied to Matthew 28? Is it possible that the whole thing is a big misunderstanding? Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, certain folks crept into the early Assembly of true believers, and sold them a bill of good that was contrary if not diametrically opposed to the true Gospel message that Y’shau originally brought to the world?

Let me ask you this truth seeker–assuming you are open to learning truth–are you Catholic; are you Baptist; are you Methodist, Episcopalian, whatever; is your eternal destiny worth more to you than your relationship with your church organization? Is your eternal destiny and your true relationship with the Creator of the Universe worth everything to you? Are you willing to die for your Faith? Are you willing to walk away from everything you’ve ever been taught if what you’ve been taught is proven to be false? Is wife, children, friends, work, affiliations, community; are these more important to you than your relationship with the Messiah Yahoshua? Are you man or woman enough to say to the world that I belong to the one who purchased me from your previous owner, satan?

If you can not answer yes to any of the above, that’s alright? In fact, you are where you’re supposed to be my friend. You see, Father has never forced Himself on anyone and He never will. And I’m talking about the true Father–not some Constantinian concept of a Greek–Romish God out of the Greek and Roman Pantheon that the average “Christian” has been brainwashed to accept. Very little about the so-called “God the Father” is actually based upon what the Bible has to say about the Creator of the Universe. Instead, to the average Christian, if you will, God of the Old Testament is a cruel and callous deity that mercilessly destroys all those who for whatever reason, fail to conform to His rules and obey His directives. The Christian God of the Old Testament is all about death and harshness. Yet the God of the New Testament, whom they say is actually Jesus Christ, is all about love, inclusiveness, mercy and acceptance. But the fact of the matter is that Yahoshua (as opposed to Jesus Christ)  was in lock-step with His Heavenly Father Yahovah–yes that same Being of the Old Testament–and everything that happened in the so-called Old Testament, under the direction of “God,” was actually done for our benefit–1 Corinthians 10:11–that we may not think that we have “arrived” or that we somehow stumble upon a life of sin and be caught in sinful bondage–1 Corinthians 10:12, 13). But then, most Christians believe that Jesus Christ is God of the Old Testament. In so thinking, God to the average Christian is a multi-faceted Being with at least two personalities. This bifurcation of the Divine Being is something that we won’t tackle here today, but will certainly consider in future postings. But this non-biblical view of the Creator of the Universe and His Son, has left for the scholars and sages of history a blank pallet by which they can paint and augment their own concepts of God and from there, structure a system by which mankind, through their contrived rules (the sages and theologians that is), will connect with their Creator and their Redeemer.

Consequently, the true identity of the Creator and His Son has been lost to the world as a whole. The things that Father and His Son has revealed of themselves to man through their elect has been hidden from the world by the hubris and spite of  men who are loyal (be it intentional or unintentional loyalty) to their boss, satan (or in Hebrew, hasatan). Given the hidden identities and natures of the Creator and the Savior (whom Yahoshua said they were unified–John 10:30), all of the pertinent elements of the lifestyle that the Creator of the Universe requires of man to follow have also become hidden and lost to man for the most part; although those requirements have always been codified and protected in the bible by His eternal providence and grace. That’s why the world celebrated New Year’s Day on 1/1/2016 and by default rejected 4/10/2016 as New Year’s Day–even though every christian bible on the planet clearly states the following:

“Guard the month of Aviv and keep the Pesach unto Yahovah your God: for in the month of Aviv Yahovah your God brought you forth out of Mitsrayim (i.e., Egypt) by night.” (Deuteronomy 16:1, Cepher/CJB)

Some of you will no doubt say to yourself: what?????? And that would be a natural response, especially if you are steeped in the religion of Christianity that has taught you that such things as recorded in Deuteronomy and the other 38-books of the Christian Bible Old Testament were written and directed to the Jews; that we Gentiles; we Christians are under a new covenant that has nothing to do with the Jew or much of the Old Testament. Sadly, the hundreds of lies taught to the unsuspecting peoples of the world who come into Christianity, have all but alienated the average Christian from the truth and the life that Father has always intended for mankind–the true relationship that He has always insisted that He wanted with man, but wanted with man on His (Yahovah’s) terms; not on man’s terms–man’s religiosity–man’s contrived notions as to what constitutes a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. And one of the big issues in this equation is understanding the Creator’s reckoning of time that He entrusted to Israel and subsequently the Jews. Churchianity wrongly teaches that the Jew and their Laws have been done away with and that now is the age of the Christian who has the full attention of Father Yahovah. But recall dear friend, that when we come into the Faith, the true Faith once delivered that is, we have been engrafted into the commonwealth of Israel–we have been engrafted INTO Isreal–not Israel has been engrafted into the commonwealth of the Gentile. Thus, if we have been “naturalized” (if you will) into the commonwealth of Israel, all of the requirements and resulting benefits that Israel once enjoyed when they were in alignment with Father, naturally would now apply to us. And that includes adopting and following Yahovah’s reckoning of time.

Therefore, I would ask you to carefully read and re-read the entire chapter of Romans 11. For that matter, read the entire book of Romans in order to establish a fuller context of what Paul was writing to the Roman Assembly of believers about. But if you are truly seeking and open to receiving truth, seek the guidance and revelation of the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the true meaning of the concept of the true Believer in Yahoshua Messiah being grafted into the commonwealth of Israel. Just maybe you will come to see that the New Year or New Year’s Day may not be as you originally perceived it to be.

Be blessed friend.

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