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Every field and art genre has its “Masters” as well as its “Apprentices.”  When we contract with a “Master” we are confident that we hired one of the best in their profession and thus we expect nothing short of the best from him or her.  Yeshua was indeed a master at His trade.  As the Son of God and Messiah, He perfected His knowledge of the scriptures over many years.  He started at an early age and debated with the best teachers in the synagogue. They were amazed at His knowledge and understanding of the scriptures (cf. Luke 2:41-47; 4:14 and par).

Later in his ministry, they wondered in amazement who taught him and where he received his knowledge.  They badgered him with tough questions hoping to “trip him up.” But they found that they were the confused “experts” (cf. Mark 12:28-34; Matthew 22:34-46 and par). Yeshua’s wisdom was seen when he applied God’s ((YHWH’s) words and laws to everyday events of life and how he was able to use his skills, abilities and talents to recognize the needs of the people of the local community. Wherever he went, he was alert to the people’s needs and addressed the problems the community faced (Matthew 13:2,3 Mark 4:2; Luke 8:4).  He did not shy away from challenges, but He confounded the wisdom of the Pharisees when he corrected them on the subjects of marriage and divorce, punishment for adultery, observing the Sabbath and many more. He started his ministry at age 30 but his preparation and practice began at a much younger age.

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God (YHWH) used Yashua to accomplish many works to fulfill his purpose because He was a willing and useful tool in God’s “toolbox.” Yeshua is our example of righteous living.  He is the example we must follow to fulfill our purpose on this earth.  He is our master. We are the tools in His toolbox!  How many times did he reach for you to be used and found you were not ready to be used?

Once a Master has used his tool(s), he cleans and inspects it for any potential damage before putting it back in to his toolbox so it will be ready for future use.   Like a new pair of scissors, the tailor finds it is easier to use the more he uses it because he cares for his tools; he protects them and prepares them for future use after he uses it each time for the next use.  When it is new, the pair of scissors is tight and not so easy to open and close, but it becomes more pliable and flexible in the tailor’s hands with continuous use.  When I was a little girl, my mother made all our clothes for school, church, play etc. If we needed to use a pair of scissors for any project we knew that we could borrow any of her scissors, except her good scissors. Her good scissors was valuable to her tool box because it got the job done with ease, precision and speed.

We are like that tool in the tailor’s toolbox. With more frequent and continuous use, we become more adept at the job we were meant to do and we are no longer stiff and slow to move.  Instead we become oiled and more fluid in our movements making it a pleasure for the hand of the Master to use us.

Do not become a useless tool in the toolbox of your Master.  He paid the price to purchase you. He added you to his toolbox for a purpose. Be willing and ready to take action when each opportunity arises.  He will use you and transform you into the perfect tool for your purpose. He will remove the fear, anxiety and lack of confidence you may have today.  Your gifts will cause you to stand before kings; so the more times and places you fulfill your purpose, the more exposure and opportunities you will have to fine tune your talents, skills and abilities and be recognized for your abilities (Proverbs 22:29) .  Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).

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