Shabbat Night Live in Denver-Sukkot
The Word was made flesh and tabernacle with us.

Event 126–most translations make Luke¬†9:51¬†read as if Yahshua was about to ascend to heaven when in fact the context and correct translation is that Yahshua was heading up to Jerusalem for the Feast of Sukkot.

The Second Day of Sukkot

  • Jo Vogel opened with praise and worship
  • Arthur introduced Michael with a rousing admonishment to praise and shout to Yah
  • Michael speaks on Moses at Mount Sinai and the giving of the law
  • In 28 C.E. the Scarlet ribbon around the neck of the scapegoat the year Yeshua was crucified
  • There became a change in the law and the temple services
  • Of the 27 translations read last night, all were wrong. Thus, there is no perfect translation
  • We must have our minds bathed in the Hebrew culture
  • 5000 extant manuscripts with some 500k variations in text
  • When Greek is translated into English on Hebrew topics, mistranslations are bound to occur
  • The Torah is our school master leading us to Yeshua Hamaschiach
  • Michael encourages people to just read the introduction of the chronological gospels to get people interested
  • The God of Constantine was the sun God Mithris, even to his death
  • Talking is religious law to alter or eliminate Biblical law. Thus the calendar was changed by the rabbis, negating Yehovah`s calendar
  • Eusebius was the father of the 3-1/2 year ministry of Yeshua
  • Rosh Hashanah is a Jewish made new year holiday
  • Karaite Jews reject the Jewish calendar
  • Nehemia Gordon had questions regarding the name of God. His story is found in Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence. The Alleppo Codex was read by Nehemia.
  • There was a Roman ban on pronouncing the name of God. Death followed those who did so. The Jews in 130 C.E. also banned the pronunciation of the Father`s name
  • Nehemia finds the 3rd vowel pointing to Yehovah`s name in the Alleppo and Leningrad Codex in 2001, 911
  • Matthew 23:1-4. This was a horribly bad translation found in all extant manuscripts
  • Matthew originally written in Hebrew according to Papias
  • 14 ancient Hebrew texts found by Nehemia
  • Reference incident 174 of the Chronological Gospels for the correct translation
  • What are followers of Messiah called? Followers of the NETZER. (Netzerene-pronounced NOTE-SER-RENE)
  • And the Word became flesh and Sukkot’d with us
  • The shadow picture is that of the new heaven and new earth emerges and Yehovah and Yeshua dwells with men for eternity

Day 3 of Sukkot celebration in Denver

  • Exhortation by Arthur Bailey–Get Ready for a Move


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