A couple months ago our laundry machine stopped working so we decided to replace the hot water and cold water valves. We replaced the rubber tubings with stainless steel tubings. Our challenge was removing the tube from the valve since the metal fixture was frozen solid to the valve with corrosion/rust (thanks to the hard water we have here in southern California).  How could we remove the old metal fitting from the valve, and then remove the valve without breaking the copper tubing in the wall?

We used all of our tools and tried all of the possible solutions we could think of, and to no avail! We tried using different wrenches to do the job; but not just any wrench would do. I knew we needed to call a plumber if the job was to be completed safely.  The plumber had the specific tools and skill set necessary to replace the valves and the tubing safely for our new washer.

So, what does this mean to me? Each of us is a tool for God, given unique talents and abilities. In order for us to best fulfill our purpose we must recognize the particular needs that we are meant to address and utilize our gifts and talents in those opportunities.  We must rise to the occasion and put our gifts and talents to work even if it means stepping out of our comfort zones. Each of us is part of God’s tool box and we have the tools, abilities and an obligation to allow ourselves to be used to ameliorate the problems we recognize.

I pray you will be alert to the problems and needs that you can address and help fix today.

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