Death and Eternity–It’s Not As You Perceive–Episode 67

Written By: Hilary - Jan• 04•16

Death and Eternity

It’s Not As You Perceive–67

In our discussion on Eternal life, a messianic believer recently told me that it doesn’t matter, we all get eternal life one way or the other; whether we go to heaven to enjoy eternal bliss or we go to hell to burn consciously forever. This jolted me into a sense of urgency to cover this topic of Death and Eternity.

As believers in Yahoshua, what is the focus of our faith and do we become immortal souls that go to heaven or hell when we die causing us to continue to live forever? So often we hear people say they are doing an activity or a challenge to make a relative, who has died, proud because the relative is watching over them from heaven.

 INAYP 67--Death and Eternity

Do our loved ones watch over us from heaven when they die, and do they come to visit and protect us? We were taught by the Christian church that our loved ones who died are happy now; have gone on to heaven and are in a better place.  Reference: The New Covenant–It’s Not As You Perceive–Episode 66

What happens when a person dies; and what can we expect after death?

Hilary answers many questions on this topic and debunks many myths taught by the christian church in this episode of Death and Eternity. 

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  1. Robin says:

    Being that we go to sleep when we die, how does one explain the stories when one has died and came back with tales of seeing their deceased family, For instance the book “Heaven is for Real” where the young child saw his Grandfather and a sister he had never met on the earth? Thank you for your ministry!!

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