Interestingly, most every self-proclaimed Christian that I have ever had the pleasure of either meeting or knowing for any length of time views the Bible as a westernized-modern-day oracle with many jewels and gems that make life so meaningful. Regardless of the denomination, most Christians seem to agree on a handful of essential teachings that are held as Biblically-based: the immortal soul; heaven and hell as the destination of the repentant and unrepentant; the pre-existence and divinity of Jesus Christ; the rapture; the plan of salvation; the Trinity; the annulment of the Law of Moses upon the sacrifice of Christ; once saved always saved; the belief that Jesus was crucified on Good Friday and was born on December the 25th; etc. Even more interestingly, many modern day scholars grapple with the inconsistency that these teachings have with actual Biblical explanation and support. In other words: the vast majority of these teachings are not supported by the 66-books that comprise our Bible yet the vast majority of Christians still hold these beliefs as truths.

The most frustrating aspect for me is that Christians can be shown that the Bible does not support such teachings and doctrines day-in and day-out, yet most if not all will hold ever so tight to these teachings regardless. Therefore, I am convinced that most Christians today are “married” not to the Christian Faith as much as they are “married” to a set of established, man-made traditions. It’s a way of life. We saw it ever so clearly in the four Gospels where Christ found Himself grappling over and over with the Pharisaical establishment over Jewish tradition in place of actual Torah teachings.

Consider how many people will teach their children about Santa Claus as soon as the child is old enough to understand what Santa Claus is suppose to be about. Every person who has ever been taught the Santa story must remember the wonderment and excitement they had as a toddler and then the utter disappointment when finding out that Santa Claus was not real after all as an adolescent. Yet, these same individuals will not hesitate to pass on the belief to the next generation, all to experience the same high and ultimate low that the previous generation felt. Why? Why do we perpetuate the lie and the fairy tale when there is a much warmer and meaningful meaning to the season…or for that matter when there is a truth to be learned about the season?

The same goes with the Christian Faith and the Bible. Why do Christians hold on to fables and fairy tales derived from pagan origins when the absolute true as found in the pages of the Bible is so much more relevant and life-changing?

Satan has entrapped this world in a multi-layered zest-pool of lies, falsehoods, and inaccuracies: Revelations 12:9–“…and the great dragon was cast forth — the old serpent, who is called `Devil,’ and `the Adversary,’ who is leading astray the whole world — he was cast forth to the earth, and his messengers were cast forth with him.” (YLT)

How many times have you and I read this passage and nodded in agreement, but never really understanding the enormity of this passage. John notes that Satan the Devil is leading astray the whole world. Seems pretty clear, yet most Christians will be so presumptive to exclude themselves as part of the whole world but insinuate that the passage is talking about non-Christians. Is that entirely true? Maybe it’s not as one would perceive.

Be well and blessed.

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