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Are the Writings of Paul in the New Testament a Stumbling Block for the Average Christian? Part 1

The Law is a curse and thus Christians are wise to avoid even the mention of keeping the Sabbath or any other law of Moses. The Law was nailed to the cross of Christ and thus it is not necessary for Christians to follow. There is no doubt about it: fundamental Christianity as we know […]

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How’s the Weather?

Dear Friends, The title of this blog is “It’s Not as you Perceive.” The purpose is to get the word out to truth seeking Christians about the enemy’s intentions and work. We are indeed living in perilous times as evident in the video that is attached to the link below. Please take an┬áhour and a […]

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By Any Other Name Today’s Christianity is an Onion

Interestingly, most every self-proclaimed Christian that I have ever had the pleasure of either meeting or knowing for any length of time views the Bible as a westernized-modern-day oracle with many jewels and gems that make life so meaningful. Regardless of the denomination, most Christians seem to agree on a handful of essential teachings that […]

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In God’s Eyes 7th Place Always Beats 1st Place

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how so many fundamental Christians will with vehement vitriolic disdain criticize the small segment of Christians who observe the Sabbath and the Feast Days. Over and over the Sabbath critics talk down Sabbath keeping as a needless observance, worship, and dare I even say a heresy. The […]

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