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Living a Life Beyond the Norm–Lessons Learned from the Levitical Priesthood

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´╗┐ Organizations establish standards by which its members’ job performances are judged. There are set standards and job performance levels that separate an average from an exceptional worker. A member’s job performance when compared to those standards may determine that … Continue reading

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The Value of Life According to our Heavenly Father

My daily Bible┬ástudies brought me to Deuteronomy 20. This chapter, in general, discusses the Father’s perspective on warfare. As I launched into this chapter, recalling the previous 19-Deuteronomic chapters that I’d read, I found that I had what I would … Continue reading

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Episode 009–How Do You Perceive Your Chances For Eternal Life Are–Part 1.

In our last episode, we discussed the concept of a pre-tribulation rapture of the Church. What came out of that discussion was that the classic pre-tribulation rapture teaching had some serious problems with it. Apart from understanding that true Believers … Continue reading

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