It is Appointed unto Men Once to Die

Many of us were stunned to hear of the sudden and unexpected death of Whitney Houston this past weekend. Crowned as one of the greatest female pop singers of our time, Ms. Houston dazzled and enthralled many of us over a three decade period with vocal performances that effortlessly powered through some of the most technically demanding but goose-bump inducing pieces of music. Regardless where one stands with their taste in modern music, her talent was simply undeniable.

She was only 48-years old. Far too young by today’s standards of longevity; far too young for such a bright pleasure-giving flame to be extinguished. Then of course just a few years ago the music industry’s so-called “King of Pop”—Michael Jackson—died in his early 50’s and the world was equally shocked and dismayed. In every case the 24-hour news companies abruptly set out to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the event possible and in a feverish frenzy they gather experts in the fields of entertainment, forensics, and those claiming to possess firsthand knowledge of the celebrity to speculate and provide the first answers as to why these celebrities died. By the time these pop-icons are laid to rest, the news viewing public is left empty, confused, and often with a joint industry—family fashioned, god-like perspective of the dearly departed’s life and legacy.
Many of you reading this post will have likely, at some point in your lives, experienced the loss of someone near and dear. A spouse? A child? A sibling maybe? A parent or even a grandparent? How about a dear friend? Regardless the relationship, their death no doubt had a powerful impact on you. You likely found yourself dealing with some of the oldest questions facing humankind for thousands of years: mortality versus immortality; hell versus heaven; or simply, why? When all is said and done, death stings! It hurts. It changes one’s life in ways that often we as the mourning, grieving ones left behind, have little to no control over. Some garner financial gain while others suffer severe financial setbacks or devastations. Some grow positively from the experience while others never quite get over their loss. The sad part of it all is: we all have an appointment with death. No one in human history…no one…with the sole exception of Yehashua–Jesus–has defeated death. It is an inevitability for everyone soul. The writer of Hebrews poignantly stated about man’s ultimate fate: “…it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this, the judgment…” (Heb. 9:27)
Of course I am not telling you anything new. In fact I am absurdly stating a profound obviousness that only serves to set the stage for a discussion that will likely cause many of you reading this post to be challenged and hopefully incensed over a central so-called Christian doctrine that has led millions of unwary, well-meaning christian adherents astray. Without belaboring the point any longer, it is the well established knowledge of most self-professing Christians that when one dies their soul—fully immortal in substance—departs from it’s earthen body, transitions from this earthly plane to that of a spiritual plane; mainly to an abode of either eternal bliss or eternal suffering and damnation. When addressing the issue of the dead, how much of our modern parlance is filled with statements like: “oh, I’m sure he/she is in heaven right now looking down upon us”; or, “he’s going to hell”. And certainly not to profane the name of Ms. Houston, one can only assume that thoughts of her current spiritual abode are being mulled over by millions who will at some point come to a personal conclusion that she is either in heaven looking down upon us and possibly singing in the angelic choir, while others look at the hiccups in her life and judgmentally assume that she is unfortunately in hell, obviously not having met and lived according to the expectations of one who is redeemed of the Lord. Still those on the outer fringes of spirituality believe that her soul or spirit is simply in “purgatory” or waiting to be reincarnated or absorbed into a “greater cosmic consciousness”. Would you be surprised to learn that everyone one of these stated beliefs are Biblically flawed?
I am happy to tell you that “IT IS NOT AS YOU PERCEIVE”. Allow your very own Bible to explain without any wavering or bias what happens to all who have died and ultimately what will happen to each and everyone one of us if the Lord tarries. Consider that our God, Yahweh, Jehovah, the Eternal, has not left us without a CLEAR understanding of what TRULY happens to humans when they die. In fact, I have tremendously good news for everyone who has been preyed upon by the satan-inspired work of pagan-based christianity. I must confess, I have NO unique understanding of Scripture nor some extra-Biblical revelation from Yahweh–God. All that I have is based on the written–inspired–Word of the Most-High that has existed for thousands of years, but has been suppressed by the universal catholic church and catholic-pagan influenced protestant christianity.
I will say with great certainty that this topic is in no way a “salvation issue” and whether you choose to believe what I plan to discuss with you about death is derived in full from your Bible and highly regarded writings of the christian church fathers. However, it should become crystal clear to all of us that if christianity is willing and able to put forth such an erroneous doctrine regarding death and the immortality of the human soul, much of what makes up the present day christian faith should be highly suspect and regarded as such until you can vetted it through your Bible and the revelation of God’s Holy Spirit. The good news is that the truth, once realized and accepted, is the most freeing experience any true believer can have (John 8:32).
So please return to read my next post that addresses the Biblical answers to what really happens to us when we die; all without doctrinal spin, personal leanings, or cultic influence. We will examine, using your Bible as the primary source, what has really happened to Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Etta James, as well as everyone else in human history that has died.

Warmest Blessing and Peace to you and your family.

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      I appreciate your comment and look forward to getting more feedback from you on our other posts. Its our pleasure to share and provide information that is helpful to as many as possible.

    • Rod and Hilary says:

      Thanks for your comment, please share your point of view. Also check out our other posts and let me know your thoughts.

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      Once I have decided on the topic it doesn’t take much time; however some topics are more time consuming than others. Thanks for asking. Feel free to leave me your comments on the topics.

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      Thank you very much Alexia. Please return in the future as I continue my discussion on this important topic. Best to you.

  9. Cacilda says:

    this subject makes me think of other things that happens to us every day, it makes me reflect a lot.

    • Rod and Hilary says:

      Thank you Cacilda. I strive to make such topics of interest such that one will be compelled to think and challenge the conventional wisdom. Please come back in the future as I plan to continue discussion on this important issue. Best to you. Rod.

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      Thank you very much for the kind words. Your input is very helpful to us and we will continue to work hard to bring to the forefront of discussion topics that we see are of importance to the Christian community. Blessings.

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      Thank you for your kind comment. Our goal is to inspire you as we are inspired. Have a blessed day!

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      Thank you for asking Branca. I am not an expert on writing. But what little I do know I am happy to pass on:
      1. Write often! Always write something. If you can, write at least one thing of substance each day.
      2. If you are tasked with writing something, make sure that thing you’re writing on matters to you. If it doesn’t really matter to you or you don’t understand it, then it will come across in your writing.
      3. Write from your heart always. But always write from the perspective of respect for the reader; that is keep the reader always in mind. Ask yourself: if you were the reader how would the material you wrote make you feel?
      4. As you speak, write. In other words, do not try to be flamboyant or prolific in your writing. Make your writing reflect who you are as a person, plain and simply.
      5. If you are fortunate to have a spouse or sibling or close friend who cares enough about you to give you honest feedback, allow them to read your material before forwarding it off to the intended readers.
      6. Proof read your work always.
      7. If you are emotional about the topic you are writing on, do not forward your writing to the reader until you’ve had at least a night to sleep on it. Revisit the work the next morning and critically review what you’ve written. Make the appropriate changes, proof read, and then send off.
      8. Words mean a lot. Make sure the words you use in your work make sense and are appropriate to the point you are trying to get across. Avoid vague descriptors if you can. If your proof reader (spouse, sibling, or friend) is not able to understand passages because of the words or wording, you can pretty much guess that others will have the same difficulty. So make the changes so that the passage makes sense. Remember your intended readers.
      9. Read, read, read. Read books, magazines, and other documents and articles and postings such as blogs…hint…hint. The more you read the better your writing will become. You will see other writers’ styles and you will inherently encorporate those styles that you like and admire into yours.

      I hope this helps Branca. As I mentioned, I am not an expert. I review other people’s reports for a living and I love to read. So I have over the years developed my own style of writing which has worked well for me.

      Be well my friend. Best.

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