Are the Writings of Paul a Stumbling Block for Modern Day Christians–Part 5

We were blessed this past weekend to have observed the Feast of Trumpets (or the day of the blowing of the shofar) as documented in Lev. 23:24, 25; Num. 29:1, 2. You will see that the Eternal designated the first day of the seventh month as t this great day of shofar (typically a ram’s […]

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Are the Writings of Paul in the New Testament a Stumbling Block for the Average Christian? Part 2

Is it reasonable to expect the average 21st century man or woman, or that matter a mature self-professing Christian, to bee able to read and fully understand their Bibles? I mean: can we simply pick-up a copy of the King James Version/the NIV/the ASV/etc.–turn to, let’s say, a passage from one of Paul’s epistles, and […]

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