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Gospel of the Kingdom of God, Lesson 15: Why We Celebrate the Feasts

If you have been hearing teachings and messages about the Feasts of Yahovah and you are confused or on the fence of whether or not you should do this then this episode is for you. For thirty years I was … Continue reading

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INAYP-42 — The Rapture–The Christian versus Servant Perspective–Part 1 in a Series

The end-times has for centuries captured the attention of most believers in Christ. Many have taken it upon themselves to decipher the mysterious writings of the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation and the stark and troublesome prophecy delivered … Continue reading

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Perception Moment 24–And Many Believe on Him, a Follow-up on Believing in Jesus

This concept of believing in and believing on God and in the case of John 10: 42, “…and many believed on Him (Jesus/Yeshua) there.” Belief, perception, faith—all fall within the purview of being a believer. Greek—pisteuo—pe-styu-o—believe, commit unto, commit to … Continue reading

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