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Episode 53–Hanukkah’s Greatest Hidden Secrets Part 2

Part 2–A Case of Anti-Jewish/Anti-Hebrew Sentiments Leading to Christianity’s Profound Ignorance On the Keeping of Easter–From the Letter of the Emperor to all those not present at the Council (Found in Eusebius, Vita Const., Lib. iii., 18-20) Jude 1:4 speaks to those ungodly men who crept into the Body and corrupted the Faith Hanukkah and […]

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Episode 52–Hanukkah’s Greatest Secrets, Part 1–Context, context, context

A contextual read of the Bible is vital to any true understanding of its contents. Hanukkah is a holiday that any serious believer must examine in order that their walk with Messiah may be enriched and blessed. References include Rood’s Chronological Gospels–The Life and Severnty Week Ministry of the Messiah and Rood’s Astronomically & Agriculturally […]

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Episode 50–The Oneness of God–A Salvation Issue?

Dt. 6 speaks to the oneness/uniqueness of Yehovah and the love the nation must have for Yehovah. This is the basis of the Hebrew Faith. This mitzvah is not only central to the Hebrew Faith but also the Faith once delivered. All indications are that it is this creed. that the Believer’s salvation and inclusion in to the Kingdom of […]

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