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Whitney Houston and the Westminster’s Confession of Faith

Whitney Houston’s remains were laid to rest in her native New Jersey this past Saturday. The mourners and attendees at her funeral service were the “who’s who” of entertainment and the social elite. Portions of the service were broadcasted to millions around the world and those officiating over her service announced with solemn but pompous […]

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Are You a Sunday Worshipper? Does it Matter?

Please take the time to read this revealing series of articles published in the “Catholic Mirror” in 1893.  The title of these series of articales is:  Rome ’s Challenge—Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday? I’d be interested in your take on this most revealing challenge to protestant Sunday worship. As always, many of the things we […]

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It is Appointed unto Men Once to Die

Many of us were stunned to hear of the sudden and unexpected death of Whitney Houston this past weekend. Crowned as one of the greatest female pop singers of our time, Ms. Houston dazzled and enthralled many of us over a three decade period with vocal performances that effortlessly powered through some of the most […]

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