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Contending for the Faith (89)

Contending For the True Faith Encouraging the Body of Messiah My goal in this episode is to encourage the Body of Messiah to “Earnestly Contend for the Faith Once delivered to the Saints”. Christmas Celebrations ‘Round the World Many Christians … Continue reading

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Happy New Year? What’s on Your Calendar for 2015?

Well, as I write this post, we in the western world are well into the start of a new year. The year 2015 A.D./C.E. For most, this will be the start of simply another year, not anticipated to be dissimilar … Continue reading

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When Two Worlds Collide–The Passover–Easter Connection

How does one go about bringing pagans and Christians together as one happy worshipping family? The first thing one must do is to find common ground upon which to build the alliance. Take for instance Easter. Easter, the worship of … Continue reading

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