When Two Worlds Collide–The Passover–Easter Connection

ItsNotasYouPerceive1How does one go about bringing pagans and Christians together as one happy worshipping family? The first thing one must do is to find common ground upon which to build the alliance. Take for instance Easter. Easter, the worship of Astarte, also known as Baal, Moloch, Ishtar, and Queen of Heaven, preceded the death and resurrection of Yeshua by many centuries, finding its origin in Babylon. Easter was celebrated annually in May.

In an attempt to improve the reckoning of the date of Easter,  Dionysius the Little, a 6th century monk, used a collection of the fifth century papal decretals and the canons of the early church councils to invent the Anno Domini or AD era, to number the years of both the Gregorian and the Christianized Julian calendars. His work not only moved the calendar date of Yeshua’s birth 4-years ahead of His actual birth year, it also moved Easter and Passover annually within a week of each other. In their quest to establish common ground, the Roman Catholic Church saw this calendar change as an opportunity to bring the celebration date of Easter closer to the date of Passover. The invention of the AD era also presented the opportunity to bring pagans into the fold of the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, the Roman Catholic Church adopted the change and used this opportunity to Christianize the pagan’s celebration of Easter.

It was through violent enforcement of the observance of Lent and Easter that Easter replaced Passover in the Christian church. The consequences of this amalgamation are evident today in the many pagan practices that litter the celebration of Easter, For example, hot crossed buns; Easter eggs and bunnies; and Sunday sunrise services to name just a few.

Thus, the so-called solemn observance of Easter is not the sacred holiday that you perceive it to be.


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