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Greetings Fellow Saint in Training. Welcome and thank you for visiting “The Messianic Torah Observer” and “Torah Living.” We are blessed to have you. There are several ways to consume the content of this website and we encourage you to explore every facet. We also invite you to visit our sister website: “The Messianic Torah Observer” that focuses on the topics and issues of most concern to the Messianic Believer. We do this devoid of any denominational assertiveness or influence.

Read our Content The simplest and most basic way to consume our content is to read our posts directly from the pages of the website. We regularly post simple commentary blogs, focused primarily on Torah and Torah related topics and passages. From time to time we post content related to specific events and issues directly affecting the Messianic Community and our organization-Qumran Family Church. In addition to simple commentary type blog postings, we post what is commonly referred to as “show notes” that are connected to our podcast postings (more on that in subsequent sections). These show notes are summary content designed to provide our podcast listeners with readable content that is drawn directly from each podcast episode. Although best consumed in conjunction with listening to our podcast episodes, we attempt to make the show notes user enough friendly so as to provide our regular blog consumers stand-alone copy that they can consume without having to listen to the podcast if they so wish.

Podcasts Podcasts (episodic audio content that is downloadable to a wide variety of devices) are the heart and soul of this internet ministry. The content of our podcast postings is designed to be consumed simply by playing and listening-similar to a radio program or a recording if you will. Each podcast episode is situated on the webpage like a blog posting. You will know that a recording is present when you see a “web player” box situated in place at the top of the post, directly beneath the episode title. Preview of legacy theme You treat that web player like you would treat any other media playing device: Hit the right pointing arrow to play the recorded content and hit the square when you wish to discontinue listening to the content. There are meters at the bottom of the player to provide you with length of play time and time remaining so you can gauge your listening experience accordingly. The web player is situated on the web page exclusively and our listeners can access the content of our podcasts directly from our website, while referencing the show notes to provide written documentation of the audio content of each episode. There are a couple of other ways to consume our podcast content that are outside of the website. Those means are as follows:

Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes:

1. Click on the iTunes icon at the top right portion of the home web page.

2. You will be taken to this website’s iTune listing page where you will find every posted episode of our show.

3. Just below our artwork to the left of the page, click “view in iTunes.” This will take you to our iTunes preview page.

4. Click subscribe just below the artwork. This is all free and you are not obligated to do anything beyond simply that. Once you hit subscribe, iTunes will automatically push to your device (whichever device you used to subscribe to the show on) every new episode that is posted without you having to go to our website. (Note: we love having you visit our website and we would ask that if you subscribe to our show, that you kindly visit our website from time-to-time.

Subscribe to the podcast via Stitcher:

1. Simply click the “stitcher” icon located to the right at the top portion of the home web page.

2. Upon clicking that icon, it will take you to our “stitcher” page. You have the option of playing our content via the stitcher platform or you may create a stitcher account on whatever device you wish (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) and simply connect to our show and receive automatic downloads from Siticher as they are posted.

Thank you again for supporting this ministry simply by consuming our content and following us through the various media options that are out there. We invite you comments and feedback always. May you be most blessed!

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