Gun Control and the Christian

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The new Julian Calendar year has arrived and with it many lingering and many more new challenges are facing the True Believer in 2013.  Some would venture to label these times as “perilous times” as Paul wrote to Timothy in 2 Timothy 3: 1: “This know also, that in the last days, perilous times shall come.” Clearly, with all that is going on today one would not be blamed to think that we are living in perilous times or the end times. But when we take things in Biblical context and prayerfully and skillfully weigh the evidence and look around us, it is unlikely that we are actually living in the perilous times that Paul spoke of in His epistle to Timothy. Clearly, the Church of Paul’s day was fraught with persecutions and terrible crises that are essentially worse by comparison to today’s Christian environment. Clearly, similar to the first century Church, true believers must face perilous times as foretold in the book of Revelation. Truth seeking Christians must be prepared to face such perilous times and that is one of the reasons this ministry was developed. We believe that westernized christianity is woefully placing believers in a position where they will be ill-prepared to face perilous times.

Part of the reason for this is that believers are led and taught a gospel that was overtaken by Hellenic teachings and dogma, starting as soon as just a few decades after the death and resurrection of Yeshua. (We will get more into the great deception that Satan has wrought upon the true gospel in future podcasts). Nevertheless, I will tell you that you would be amazed at the condition our Faith finds itself in today. It is unforgiveable and tragic. Yet believers have fallen under a spell that prevents them from seeing the truth about their religion. Hopefully with the help of the Almighty we can clear away the fog of Spiritual blindness that plagues believers today.

Fortunately, in these United States today we retain our religious freedoms and the internet remains open. However, it seems clear that these days are quite numbered and thus we must strike while the iron remains hot.

The big news facing the nation today seems to be the issue of guns and what many see as a direct assault upon the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. This of course is a result of the December 14, 2012 tragedy in Newton, Connecticut. As you may be aware, a crazed gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School on that day and murdered 20 children, 5 adults, and wounded 2 adults. Ultimately, he committed suicide.

Instead of uniting, this tragedy has essentially divided the nation. The United States federal and state governments have exploited this tragedy to pursue an agenda that includes the dissolution of certain rights and privileges that the American people have been granted by the Constitution. Gun opponents have seized upon the opportunity that this tragedy presented and are feverishly creating legislation to ban the possession of certain weapons by the American citizenry. Conversely, gun proponents have been placed on the defensive fearing that their 2nd amendment rights are being challenged. The swirl and angst that is accompanying this whole thing is palpable.

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Let it Swirl, let it swirl, let it swirl!

How should believers react to this swirl? I have been pondering this for quite some time now. I do have some personal concerns regarding what appears to be a direct assault on the rights of American citizens. More disconcerting to me is what I see as a misplacement of priorities by the executive and legislative branches of our government. One must ask where the government’s outrage is over the 750,000 to 1 million murders of unborn children each year. One must ask where the government’s outrage is over the hundreds of thousands of deaths related to prescription medication poisonings each year. One must ask where is the government’s outrage over the financial support that is given by this government to nations that seek to hurt and even destroy the United States of America. Yet we as a nation worry about guns when common sense says that guns do not kill—people kill. More people die from motor vehicle collisions and abuse of prescription medications than by guns. So if we follow the logic of gun opponents, it would make sense to eliminate cars and drugs from the reach of the American public.

Nevertheless, I digress.

What is a Believer to Do?

Let us just presume for a moment that believers are being sidetracked and bamboozled by the enemy as it relates to the gun issue and the potential assault on the rights of Americans. It stands to reason that all of this swirl is exactly that: swirl. Is the swirl real? Absolutely. But the confusion and angst that comes with such problems as gun owning rights violations  is often effective in sending believers on a path that is NOT the path that he or she is commanded to follow. First and foremost the proper path that believers are to pursue is the Gospel that Yeshua brought to this earth: the coming Kingdom of Yehovah. Secondly, believers are commanded to seek after righteousness and righteousness is learned and achieved through the leading of the Holy Spirit and obedience to Yehovah’s laws.

The cares of this world dissuade us from the path that Yeshua taught His disciples to follow in Matthew 6:33, and before you know it, when we worry about such things we become just like the world and its non-believers. Today’s westernized Christian seeks to live according to the traditions and ways of the kingdoms of this world. When you take a moment to think about it, what a brilliant plan the enemy has perpetrated upon an unknowing world. Smoke and mirrors; bait and switch.

Are you dissuaded from your true purpose as a follower of Yeshua? Do you perceive correctly your role in this world? Are you free from the influences and cares of this life? Or are you so caught up in the swirl that defines so many in this nation that you don’t even have time to listen to that often small voice of the Father, calling you in the midst of the world’s deadening noise, to Himself?

Interestingly, fundamental churchianity would have us take a “moral high-ground” if you will, concerning the problems of this world. This past election, voters found themselves having to choose between what some describe as the Christian Right and the Liberal Left. Christians were tasked with taking the side of the politicians that came closest to the moral leanings of the westernized christian faith. It became the christian’s responsibility to stand on the side of right—which often was blurred by, again, the noise that defines our nation in so many ways. Even outside the election season, christians are expected to stand on the side of right and “right the many wrongs” of our society. Although seemingly laudable and noble endeavors, that is neither the true Christian’s purpose nor his/her task in this world. Once and for all it is to seek the Kingdom of Yehovah and His righteousness.

Come to terms with the reality of the matter: the kingdoms of this world are the way they are and regardless how much moral high ground a well meaning christian might think they stand on, it will never change the way the world functions. Why? Because the kingdoms of this world are controlled by Satan and his minions.

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Furthermore, Satan’s firm control over this world’s kingdoms is permitted by Yehovah, albeit for just a defined period. Any efforts to change this world by so-called well meaning Christians will only be met by utter failure and a criminal misuse of the true Christian’s time and efforts. It is not the will of our Father nor His Messiah that we work to right the wrongs of this world but to further His Kingdom. Failing to do just this is disobedience to the commandment of our Lord and Savior Yeshua Ha Meshiach.

Yes, the government may succeed in taking away our 2nd Amendment rights to own and bear arms. As true citizens of heaven that should not be our concern. The situation we are facing right now with the governments of this world is only temporary. John tells of a time in the future when the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of Yehovah and His Messiah as told in Revelation 11:15. When that occurs, Yeshua will have married his bride, the True Church (and we’ll talk about who will make up the true Church in future podcasts), and His bride will accompany Him to rule this earth under His government and the authority of Yehovah as told by the prophet Isaiah in 9:7.

In order to be a part of Yeshua’s future government there are many things that we must do. Fundamental churchianity will have you believe that simply believing in “God” will ensure eternal life as told in John 3:16. But a true rendering of John 3:16 says that “…whosoever believeth in Him MAY NOT perish but MAY HAVE everlasting life.” Thus it falls upon the true believer of Yeshua to obey Yehovah and live according to His Spiritual Laws as revealed in the Torah or the first five books of the Old Testament (I John 5:3 and Revelation 14:12).

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