Book Review

I’ve just completed one of the most fulfilling reads in years. In his comprehensive but unencumbered, pleasant to read assessments of modern-day holidays and God’s designated holy days, Fred R. Coulter provides both the uninitiated and the veteran apostolic believer with more than enough to ponder for years to come. “Occult Holidays or God’s Holy Days-Which?” takes the reader on a well researched history-based tour of modern-day holidays. Without judging the reader he lays out for him or her in first half of the book the facts (most of the facts well established and known by most) as they relate to the pagan origins of most of our modern-day holidays such as halloween, christmas, and easter. The connection that most of these holidays have to the established church of the 4th century and beyond is troubling. The widespread acceptance of these occult-based holidays are the result of centuries of bait-and-switch tactics imposed on the church that has led to many of these holidays seeming to most innocent and even attractive.

After presenting the facts Coulter then presents for the readers’ consideration the facts as it relates to the expectations Yehovah has for His people. Additionally, he provides at the end of the book a series of appendices that provide equally well researched background information for those readers desiring in-depth instruction on selected topics such as the Eucharist, the papal influences over many christian doctrines, and an explanation of the Apostle Paul’s controversial writings.

The second half of the book focuses on the biblically based holidays that were introduced and practiced by the children of Israel during the time of Moses and just prior to the Babylonian captivity. Coulter approaches the explanation of these holy days from a dual perspective of the written law and the ultimate explanation of the plan of salvation and Yehovah’s plan for all of mankind. The complexity of this topic is made understandable and is presented within the most positive light.

If you read only one book in 2013, I would highly suggest you get this book. Here’s the good news: the book is about 350 pages and it costs you the reader NOTHING to obtain! That’s right. Fred Coulter’s organization foots the bill.

If you are interested in getting this book, contact me and I’ll provide you the particulars. You won’t regret getting this book.

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