Perception Moment 22: Jesus Christ Not One in a Godhead of Three as Traditionalists Teach

As one having come from fundamental churchianity was taught that Jesus Christ was part of either a Trinity or a Binary–that is God in three or two persons–blessed trinity three in one. Having come in to the knowledge of the truth and actually having studied the scriptures and listened to the Father’s teachers, it is clear that those concepts of the Savior were indeed of Greek and pagan origin. The¬†Scriptures clearly contend that there is One Father and His name is YHVH or Yehovah. He chose a man, Yeshua, to be His son: this Yeshua of the lineage of David (Psalms 110) has been given ALL AUTHORITY and the Father has given Yeshua His name: YHVH Savuot–Yehovah of Host.

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Yet, in spite of the erroneous teachings of the Christian Church, the Scriptures contend oppositely that Yeshua was a man, conceived in the mind of the Father before the foundations of the earth were laid. His lineage is properly documented in the Hebrew version of Matthew (another falsehood–Matthew was originally written in Hebrew not Greek). Yeshua was conceived of Miriam by the agency of the Holy Spirit (i.e., Yehovah’s Spirit–not a 3rd person in a contrived Godhead). This Yeshua was born and lived on this earth as a man, observing the Torah perfectly and teaching us, His disciples, the proper way to live according to the Torah. Yeshua’s death on the cross and His subsequent resurrection and ascension to the Throne Room of Yehovah with the First Fruits, cemented a way for men to become the Children of the Most High. Now, Yeshua sits at the right hand of the Father–Yehovah–having been given all power (over death, over judgement, etc.) and given the Father’s name of Yehovah. It will be Yehovah Savuot who will return to this earth to establish His kingdom in Jerusalem and reign with a rod of iron for 1000-years. Yehovah Savuot will have authority over the entire earth and all its inhabitants, having stripped away that authority from Satan when He completed His perfect life here on earth. Satan will be tossed into an abyss for the duration of that 1000-years and will not be able to offend the inhabitants of this earth under the rule of Yeshua or Yehovah Savuot.

Bottom line: Jesus Christ did not exist as an entity before the Creation, although He existed in the mind of the Father. He was a unique man, born of a human female through the agency of the Holy Spirit. He died and was raised and exhalted above all and given the Father’s name and all authority in heaven and earth. He will return and rule the earth. Only His chosen will be raised and receive spirit bodies and reign with Him–those who have the testimony of Yeshua and having kept His commandments–read Revelations. Simply saying the sinners prayer and accepting Him in your heart as Savior will not grant you a place in His coming Kingdom. Yeshua was clear–“if you love me keep My Commandments.” Traditional Christianity is facilitating a fast-tracking of millions of adherents to destruction. It is up to every would-be believer to understand the truth about their salvation and live accordingly.

Contact us and let us help you find the truth through the pages of your Bible. There is too much at risk to let the Church lead you astray of the True Gospel once delivered. We have free materials that we will send you to help you find the Truth and through that narrow gate and down that rough path that Yeshua told His disciples was the true direction to eternal life. Indeed, only a few find the Truth. Yet, fundamental churchianity contends that anyone who says the sinners’ pray is saved. That is NOT what the Bible teaches. Find in your Bible where Yeshua taught that the way to salvation was through the saying of a prayer. You won’t find it. Ask your Pastor where this practice of reciting a prayer to receive salvation came from. He or she will likely not have an answer for you. If that is the case, RUN Forest…Run!!!!

Praise be to Yehovah. Truth is not always as we’ve perceived it to be, indeed!

Be Most Blessed, fellow Saints in Training.

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