Erecting Temple of Baal Archways–What Does It Mean

Last week I stumbled upon several articles and YouTube videos addressing a new phenomenon that is taking place in many of the world’s western metropolitan cities and that is the erecting of dozens of Baal Temple entrance-ways or archways. These are imitations of the original Temple of Baal gate or archway that once stood in Palmyra Syria, but that ancient temple was destroyed by ISIS late last year. That destruction, along with a few other ancient archaeological structures over the last couple years, has outraged the Western World, and the world at large has demanded that an end be put to ISIS’ indiscriminate murdering and destruction. Unfortunately, ISIS continues to terrorize much of the world. Now, the West has decided to erect an imitation or model of the famous archway in dozens of their metropolitan cities. The latest ones to be erected and officially dedicated as monuments of some sort was in Trafalgar Square in London England and New York City. There is a viral YouTube video of the ceremony marking the dedication of the archway in Trafalgar Square that suggests these archways are actual portals into a spirit realm that we as a race have no business tapping into.
Temple of Baal Archway in London England

Temple of Baal Archway in London England

The Faith-based conspiracy theorists believe that the construction of these archways is not an innocent venture to honor ancient history and the human spirit. There is a general belief among many (with me included) that maybe this is a contrived endeavor designed to bring Baal worship right-smack into the center of major Western cities as well as point a proverbial finger upwards towards Father, signaling that we humans can choose whom we will worship and our choice is Baal, Moloch, Osiris, Zeus, what have you. These Faith-based conspiracy theorists contend that these archways may be portals into the forbidden demon world which could serve to open the door to evil spirit entities entering into our Western cities. This sounds all well and good, but don’t we already have evil spirit beings dwelling in virtually every segment of our world today?
I believe the construction of these archways is more to offend the Creator and to remind the world at large of the preferred worship of Baal.
Zachary Bauer and Rob Skiba recently did fantastic YouTube videos on this very subject that I would encourage you to take a look at. If you are so inclined, simply click on their names and it will take you to their postings.
Zachary Bauer

Zachary Bauer

Skiba focuses more on the return of Nimrod in the last days while Bauer does more of a focus on the Mark of the Beast. Both videos address ancient Babylon and the world religions that have emerged from that ancient culture and peoples. Both tie in the construction of these archways to Baal worship. Rob Skiba believes that the anti-Christ will be some type of Nimrod incarnation.
As it relates to these planned 100-Baal Temple archways being installed around the world, Skiba asks the question: “These are gates, but gates to what? They must be gates to something.” I love what Skiba has to say about such endeavors that aim to unite the “so-called” civilized world with ancient pagan ways which the west seems to be fascinated with of late. There seems to be absolutely no interest in restoring the paths that the Creator of the Universe set before us; of rebuilding the old waste places that Father once anointed; of raising up the foundations of the lost and forgotten generations that He once embraced; of having that breach that was severed, once again repaired (reference Isaiah 58:12).
Rob Skiba says that we in Hebrew Roots are given a list of rules we are to follow–contrary to the beliefs and doctrines of our Christian cousins. I would add to this statement of Skiba, that we in Hebrew Roots signed up for a job–to be disciples of Yahoshua Messiah. That job is a full-time job that doesn’t end at a set time each day or that we are on duty only on the Shabbat. But our ultimate jobs are to be priests to the world and who keep Yah’s laws. And as Skiba rightly says in alignment with Scripture, it is our transformation into that nation of priests that will ultimately cause the world to have the scales drop from their eyes, realize the error of their ways and discern the countless lies that they’ve been told about the Father and His Son and their expectations of us, and to become children of Yahovah (Reference: Exodus 19:6; 1 Peter 2:5, 9; Revelation 1:6; 5:10; 20:6). No greater promise nor purpose has ever been given to men–and once we embrace our role in Yah’s grand plan, we then begin to appreciate what we’re up against in this world as hasatan knows that he has but little time remaining before those archways fall on him–figurative speaking.
Rob Skiba

Rob Skiba

I also agree with Bauer’s take on this whole Temple of Baal thing and in his assertion that the world is already worshiping the beast. But Bauer in his video also believes that the Mark of the Beast, prophecied in the Book of Revelation a multitude of times, is actually world currency. In his video, Bauer shows the viewers an Iraqi Dinar, which has printed on it Babylonian symbolism. We know also that our national currency–United States currency that is–has Babylonian symbolism imprinted on it. In ancient times, Caesar’s image was engraved on Roman currency and we know that Caesar was considered and worshiped as a god in his day. What better way is there to propagate Baal worship throughout the world than through the world’s currency. That is hasatan genius, unfortunately.
Some feel that the Mark of the Beast could not possibly be currency since many believe that common currency/hard currency will be done away with in the end times. These same folks believe that the Mark of the Beast will, instead, be biometrics-based, such that to buy or sell, one must have chips implanted in one’s head and arms/appendages. I agree with Bauer that this system is still currency, regardless the physicality of the currency. If the world goes towards biometrics as many believe it will, then the world system, which is essentially Babylonian-based, will be behind that biometrically based currency.
Rob Skiba agrees with Bauer in that the whole world worships the beast and has been doing so for centuries, although the world at large is oblivious to their participation in this worship. The Christian Church, especially Catholicism, has through the centuries, sought to “Christianize” paganism as a means of bringing in more and more adherents into the Universal Church. Protestantism believes that she was successful in escaping the paganism of Catholicism, but to her chagrin, Protestantism never left or abandoned paganism, and to this very day, she continues to worship a Greek God and Jesus through her various traditions and doctrines and practices and teachings. Holidays such as Easter and Christmas remain Christianity’s hallmark symbols of her adoration and worship of the Greek/Babylonian-based god and religion. Many in Churchianity have come to learn and realize that maybe we in Hebrew Roots are correct about the pagan origin of some of their practices and holidays. But the vast majority of churched adherents refuse to abandon Church and the trappings of their religion because it makes them comfortable and happy and content.
I love Skiba’s statement that handsomely sums up the predicament facing the world–that single dividing question and mindset: “Will we be divisive in Truth or united in lies?” And that is the million dollar question my friends. The Truth is out there, and don’t be fooled: today, more folks in the Church realize the Truth than we could ever fathom. But those that know the Truth are willing to hedge their bets, that they will be given a pass by Judge Yahoshua in the last days, because “He knows my heart.” Well, indeed, He does know our hearts and He will judge accordingly. For He knows and the Father has revealed to us: “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately sick; who can understand it?”
I’ve read some of Rob’s materials as well as we’ve attended a couple of Rob’s lectures and I think he has some very important things to say about our world today and where we may be heading as the human race. Check it out. But Rob treats the viewer of his YouTube video to snippets of his book, “Babylon Rising,” and he reveals, in connection to the Baal Temple archway construction in London and New York, that Nimrod is at the heart of it all. Nimrod, according to Skiba, and a host of other experts on the subject, is none other than Baal; none other than Marduch or Moloch; is none other than Apollo, Gilgamesh, Osiris, Dionysius and a host of other such pagan deities throughout the course of human history. Skiba holds that Nimrod founded Babylon and was the first Global Leader and Babylon was the first superpower, new world order of the post flood era. As time has gone by and the spirit of Nimrod has taken on various entities and deities and religions, there has been a never ending line of men who have kept the candle burning for Nimrod and looking forward to Nimrod’s return to earth to re-establish absolute reign and control over this world. Skiba believes that Nimrod (I believe more, a spirit of Nimrod) is going to be the prophecied anti-Christ in the end times. That being the case, by constructing these various Baal Temple archways throughout the world, which are believed to be portals to the spirit realm (bad spirit realm that is), is the world then “putting out a welcome sign to Baal?”
I pulled up before and after images of the Ancient Syrian Temple of Baal (i.e., before and after ISIS destroyed the edifice) and I have to say that it looks frighteningly similar to proposed images of Solomon’s Temple. We know that hasatan is a consummate counterfeiter and spiritual fraud. The coming anti-Christ will claim to be Yahoshua Messiah and the many signs and wonders that he will do will be so sophisticated that it would potentially deceive Yah’s elect.
Temple of Baal Palmyra Syria before ISIS destroyed it

Temple of Baal Palmyra Syria before ISIS destroyed it

Skiba brings up an interesting point related to the erecting and dedication of the Temple of Baal archway in Trafalgar Square in London last week: that this whole thing comes right smack in the middle of the Feast of Baal–which is, again, a counterfeit of the Feasts of Yahovah–a week-long celebration and worship of Baal that generally falls between 4/19 and 5/1. The culmination of this week-long festival is the celebration of Beltane–5/1, which symbolizes the rebirth of Baal. Is it not suspicious that this archway was dedicated in Trafalgar Square London during one of paganism’s holiest holiday seasons? Yet no one in the secular world has protested or rejected the erection of this archway. No one is sounding out an alarm to the world about the 99 or more of these things that are being installed in cities throughout the world. Churchianity is still asleep at the wheel on this thing. Not only are they oblivious as to the True Faith once delivered, they are oblivious as to this serious of portals being constructed around the globe. For what purpose we can only surmise.
At the very least, assuming I’m wrong and I could very well be wrong; at the very least, we were warned by the Almighty to not inquire into the ways of the heathen nations of the world about us. And by erecting and dedicating these archways, we are violating Yahovah’s Torah and in doing so, man is going to at some point, have to pay and pay dearly. I wholeheartedly agree with Skiba: “We can’t erect monuments of the 10-commandments in this country of ours, but we sure as hell can erect a pagan archway in the heart of New York City. Give me a break.
It is interesting indeed that we in the West and in various parts of the East, were outraged over the destruction of the Temple of Baal by ISIS last year. But we as Natsarim know Father’s position on the subject of pagan worship. Father simply abhors any suggestion His people inquiring after false god.
As the Father’s elect, Deuteronomy 12 is our reference as it relates to how we are to view and react to false gods: “And these are the statutes and the ordinances which you shall be careful to carry out in the land which the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given you to possess all the days that you live on the earth. You shall surely destroy all the places where the nations that you dispossess have served their gods: on the high mountains, and on the hills, and under every green tree. And you shall break down their altars, and dash their pillars to pieces and burn their Asherim with fire; you shall hew down the graven images of their gods; you shall obliterate their name from that place. You shall not act like this toward the LORD your God.” (vss. 1-5)
Essentially, Father is telling us directly that we should have nothing whatsoever to do with false gods. Thus, by our inquiring about such things as the Temple of Baal and then seeking to erect a similar monument in dozens of Western cities throughout the world, we are in total and utter violation of Torah. We are thus cutting our own throats by doing this. Father will not tolerate an “in your face” gesture such as this and not exact punishment upon these cities and those that are leading millions down a road of eternal destruction. It is imperative that we pray earnestly for our nations; that Father spare the nations from His coming wrath and that any evil that may come from these structures will be staved. I believe that we must intercede on behalf of the world as long as there is a chance that she may turn from her wicked ways: “If my people who belong to me, humble themselves; pray, seek to please me; and repudiate their sinful practices–turn from their wicked ways; then I will respond from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14, ESV)

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