Seven Reasons Why I Worship On Saturday and Why I Reject Sunday Worship

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I won’t mince words: Sunday worship by any self-professing Christian or believer in Messiah is wrong. There are no if and or buts. Nowhere in the Bible is there a command or even a recommendation that believers should worship on Sunday. Saturday or the Sabbath as the Creator’s designated day of rest and worship is the simplest test-case for every self-professing believer of Messiah. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the 2-1/2-billion professing christians of this world miserably fail this test every week of the calendar year. When challenged, most fundamentalists will defer to the passage in Revelation where the Apostle John wrote: I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day (invariably interpreted wrongly as Sunday)…(Rev 1:10 ASV). Unfortunately this well-known verse has been hijacked and its meaning manipulated by fundamental teachers, often for the express purpose to lead unknowing believers astray and down a road of spiritual destruction. Other verses hijacked and manipulated similar teachers include Matthew 28:1, Mark 16:2,9, Luke 24:1, John 20:1, 19, Acts 20:7, and I Corinthian 16:2 and refer to events that occurred on a particular Sunday (i.e., the discovery of the empty tomb and Paul breaking bread and teaching would be converts). It boggles the mind to understand how the Christian Faith could develop a doctrine and practice from simple recordings of events. Yet, millions of believers staunchly cling to Sunday as the ordained day of worship for christians when there is no Biblical support whatsoever for this practice. To add insult to injury, many Sunday worshiping christians are quick to castigate Sabbath keeping believers as heretics and cultists. Still others who seek to not divide or cause disagreement within the ranks of the faithful will question why it matters what day of the week a believer should worship since Christians are often encouraged to worship the Lord everyday of the week in one form or another.

All of these stated arguments for Sunday worship are baseless and dangerous. When asked if this is a salvation issue, the true believer is bound to answer in the affirmative. Throughout the Scriptures and the Gospel and Apostolic records, Sabbath worship is mandated, encouraged, upheld and kept by every Saint. We are to be no different. No interpretation of Paul’s writings to the contrary can ever change the ordained day of worship from Sabbath to Sunday. The grace we enjoy as redeemed believers of the Most High is not a license to do as we wish. On the contrary, the grace we enjoy as redeemed believers of the Most High extends to us the opportunity to live fulfilled lives unencumbered by the ravages of sin and the opportunity to escape the penalty of sin which is eternal death. Sabbath keeping is not a negotiable issue. Besides, the enormous benefits to be had by keeping the Sabbath and obeying this and all other commands (the 4th commandment) far outweighs anything one could ever gain from violating the Father’s command and choosing instead to worship, as Constantine once crowned, “the venerable Day of the Sun.”

Here are seven reasons why I keep the Sabbath and reject Sunday as the day of worship for believers of Messiah:

1. The Sabbath is the only day of the week that Yahoveh made holy (Genesis 2:3).

2. Yahoveh commanded that we keep the Sabbath and perform no work (Exodus 20:10).

3. Yahoshua (Jesus), the Apostles, and the first century saints all kept the Sabbath without exception (reference the Gospels, Acts, and the Pauline Epistles).

4. Constantine instituted the change in days from Sabbath to Sunday at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. This act was not the result of a directive from the Almighty. On the contrary, Constantine did this to separate the christian faith from the much despised Jewish faith and to incorporate pagan sun worship (i.e., Sunday) into christianity.

5. Sunday worship is purely a Roman Catholic edict and practice that reformists retained when they separated from Catholicism. Interestingly, the Catholic hierarchy berated traditional christians for adopting Sunday as their day of worship citing that Sunday worship is purely a catholic doctrine/practice ordained by papal authority.

6. My spiritual life has grown exponentially having adopted Sabbath as my day of rest and worship. Fully dedicating the day (i.e., from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday) for study, reflection, family, and worship every week naturally has tremendous spiritual benefits in addition to knowing that you are obeying the Father.

7. Yahoshua will return for those who keep the commandments of Yahoveh and have the testimony of Yahoshua (cf. Revelation 12:17)

There is no doubt in my mind that some of you who may be listening to this Perception Moment may have a mind to reject all that I’ve said here. Some of you may perceive that the content of this posting is heretical and cultic. Many of you out there may be blinded by layers of denominational influences, teachings and traditions surrounding the topic of Sunday worship and whether or not Christians should keep Hebraic Laws. No one should ever judge you…nor do I judge you on this issue. Every believer must decide in his or her mind what to do about this vital issue.

However, instead of rejecting Sabbath Keeping outright, I would encourage you to stop, pray, and discover for yourself what the Scriptures have to say about Sabbath Keeping; if you feel so led and you have questions please drop me a line utilizing the “Speak Pipe” feature of this website or shooting me an email at I once walked in your shoes and it wasn’t until I sought to find out the truth for myself–devoid of any evangelical-fundamental influences–that I came to realize that Sabbath Keeping is a requirement of every true Believer who earnestly contends for the Faith once delivered to the first century Saints.



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