Setting His Face Towards Jerusalem

According to Rood’s Chronological Gospels, today in 27 C.E. marks the day that Yahshua was questioned by his biological brothers regarding His attending the Feasts of Tabernacles (or Sukkot). It appears that Yahshua’s brothers had some degree of uncertainty as to who Yahshua really was but apparently had some inkling that he was someone special. Yet, they urged him or prodded him to go with they up to Jerusalem to observe and celebrate Sukkot.

The Geodesic Sukkah
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Yahshua had other plans as well as He was cognizant that His life was likely in peril if He was to go to Sukkot and make His presence broadly known. Yahshua had already ruffled many of the feathers of the religious leaders and there was rumblings that He might be set to be murdered at Sukkot if and when He showed. Yahshua was clear to His brothers that He was not going to Jerusalem at that moment, but urged them to go ahead regardless. Nevertheless, Yahshua remained true to the Torah mandate for all able males to go to Jerusalem and observe Sukkot. However, He planned to do so somewhat incognito.

This brief encounter and story holds some significance for me today as Hilary and I prepare to go to Denver and then on to Virginia to celebrate Sukkot. I have a lot weighing on my mind, post-Yom Kippur, and I am entering this Feast with more of a sober mindset than at any previous time before. Many of you, like me, are under attack from the enemy and may be entering this coming Sukkot celebration with more of a sober mindset instead of the joyous and carefree mindset that typifies Sukkot celebrations. I figure that this could be a positive thing in that I will be more aware of my shortcomings going into Sukkot and as a result look to improve in those areas during this great Feast of Yahovah. Also, this mindset will push me to be more prayerful and understanding and patient than at I have been at previous Sukkots. I pray that you will have a blessed Feast and realize all of the spiritual benefits to be had during this great week ahead.

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We love you. Have a blessed Sukkot.

Rod Thomas

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