Preparing for Passover–Mentally, Physically and Spiritually

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 Preparing for Passover Mentally, Physically and Spiritually

Preparation is a key factor in getting the fullest possible spiritual, cognitive and physical benefit from the Feasts. Failure to adequately prepare in every aspect of our being could lead to a less-than optimal experience. That old adage: you only get what you put into a thing certainly applies to the Feasts. You only get what you put into the Feasts and that includes preparation–preparation in advance of the actual Feast day and celebration.
It’s like the parable and analogy of sowing seeds and reaping a harvest. The more we sow into our preparation of and then participation in the Feasts–be it hosting a gathering such as a Passover Seder or attending a gathering such as a service–the more we stand to reap a great spiritual harvest. That great harvest will not only be realized and enjoyed by us as individuals, but also those with whom we share the Feasts; these too will be blessed abundantly. The harvest? Spiritual growth and physical blessings.
Preparations for the Feasts don’t have to be all that elaborate. Simply reading relevant portions of Scripture that pertain to the Feasts is a good start. One thing I’ve learned is that if you’ve read the same passages several times in the past, a new reading may reveal nuggets and spiritual riches that eluded you in past readings of that same passage of Scripture. As we grow from participating in the Feasts year after year, the Ruach Kodesh will provide new insight and revelation–but only when we are ready to receive the new stuff.
Allow me to expound upon the areas that I believe are important in preparing ourselves for the Feasts–especially the Spring Feasts of Yehovah or Passover. I’ve broken these areas into 3-main elements: the mental or cognitive; the physical; and the spiritual.

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Many with righteous zeal will say–the Feasts of Yehovah must become a part of every true believer’ s life. I say no, but stand on a firm conviction that the Feasts of Yehovah must become the true believer’ s life. Only then will compromise be a non-existent option. Only then will we be truly prepared for Passover.

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