These Ones are Accomplished Only Through Prayer and Fasting

According to Rood’s Chronological Gospels (due to be released worldwide this coming Friday), today in 27 C.E., a gentleman approached the Master and his disciples seeking deliverance for his demoniac son. This same gentleman went on to mention to the Master that he had earlier approached his disciples for help with his son, only to find that his disciples were unable to deliver his son. This information prompted the Savior to deliver a mild tongue-lashing to his disciples about their lack of faith. The Master instructed the gentleman to bring his son to him. The gentleman complied. When brought into the Master’s presence, the demoniac reacted violently. Yahshua quickly exorcised the demon and the man’s son was fully delivered.

Gospel Lectionary, Christ exorcising the demoniacs, Walters Manuscript W.535, fol. 92r
Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Later that day, the disciples being somewhat embarrassed and smarting from the Master’s tongue-lashing asked the Savior why they were unable to exorcise the demon from the man’s son. Yahshua instructed that such healings were unique and required prayer and fasting.

Today, we believers rarely utilize this process of active spiritual warfare preparation: prayer and fasting. Now, I’m not talking about going about trying to exorcise every single person that comes in our path from day-to-day. I’m mainly talking about righteously getting through each day and having made ourselves fully accessible and of value to the Father. The cares of this world often prevents us from paying attention to such spiritual matters. Fasting is a rarity amongst most Christians today although fasting is a recurring theme played throughout much of the Bible. Additionally, the average believer’s prayer life is sorely lacking in power, content, faith, and sincerity. The spiritual atmosphere that we abide in is often thick and impedes consistent and earnest prayer during any given time of the day. Paul taught that we should pray without ceasing (I Thess. 5:17).

Prayer is the language
Lel4nd / Foter / CC BY

Speaking personally, prayer and fasting are probably two of the biggest areas in my life that I can use some serious improvement in. Indeed, the cares of this life creating a difficult and challenging barrier in which to accomplish prayer and fasting on a regular basis. I guess it just comes down to “bulldozing” one’s prayer and fasting through to completion—breaking through the veil so to speak. The enemy has created a world in which we are at a disadvantage on a spiritual and physical level. Our busy lives prevent us from making time throughout the day to pray. Also, the food we eat has become toxic through the proliferation of GMO’s, nutrient depleted soil, over prescribing of pharmakia or medications, preservatives, and junk foods. Thus, many of us are hungry all the time, not to mention the various physical maladies that arise from the consumption of these toxic food products. Thus, the true believer of Yahovah must ensure that they structure their lives to ensure that there is ample time throughout the day for fervent and substantive prayer as well as sticking to a healthy diet that our basic nutritional needs are being met. Then and only then will we be effective warriors in this ongoing spiritual warfare.


Rod Thomas

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