Perception Moment 17–One Messianic’s Perceptions of Life in the OC

Numbers 6 provided me with the concept of being totally sold-out to the Father. This chapter spoke on the vow of a Nazirite and the dedication that was necessary to fulfill this vow. This provided me encouragement to know that the life of a Messianic requires commitment and a heart of service with unwavering dedication to the cause of the Kingdom. We are required to live in this world, but we are called to be separated from the world. What a  great example the Nazirite life provided me today. May you be blessed as you read that chapter. The closing of chapter 6 entails the Aaronic Blessing, whereby Aaron was commanded to pray this blessing over the people. In doing so, the one True Name of the Father, believed by certain Torah scholars to be Yehovah, when placed upon the people would lead to blessings for the people. May the name Yehovah be placed upon you and your family this day and may you be abundantly blessed. Amen.

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