One Messianic’s Perceptions of Hanukkah

Continuing in my studies of the Chronological Gospels by Michael Rood, as it relates to our present time of Hanukkah, we come to the return of the 70 to Yeshua (Luke 10:17-24). Recall that the 70 had been sent out to the surrounding countryside to spread the gospel message (beginning of this same chapter). The gospel record is silent during that period of the 70’s missionary trip for some 7 weeks…. The 70 return with rejoicing over their many successes. Yeshua too rejoices and praises Yehovah for the effective ministry of the 70. Today marks the 25th day of the 9th month-Shabbat-using the biblically corrected Hebrew calendar by Michael Rood. John 8:12-59 effectively occurs December 13, 27 C.E. Be most blessed fellow Saints in Training.

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