Impediments to our Understanding Things of the Faith–Part-1–Understanding the Bible

Many of us have a hard time grasping the things of YHVH. There seems to be impediments to our receiving, understanding and applying the things of our Faith. Indeed, there are many impediments that we could explore. However, for this post we will consider those impediments that block our understanding of the Bible and thus applying the Word of YHVH to our lives.

Reason #1: We lack the time for bible reading and study.

Despite having ready access to modern technology, most of  still suffer serious time drains in our lives. Our daily schedules are more often than not, filled to overflowing. We have very little time to fit Bible reading and study into our daily lives. By the end of a busy day we are generally exhausted and lack the physical and psychological energy to read, much less, study our bibles.

The problem is not limited to our having full schedules: many of us simply do not value regular study of Scripture enough to factor it into our day-to-day lives. The other thing we must be cognizant and on-guard of is the effect that the kingdom of darkness can have on our successfully finding time to study Scripture.

Bible Read Me

Abba communicates with us primarily through His Word. When we don’t properly read and study the Bible, we miss that which Father has to tell us.

Reason #2: The Bible is too confusing.

Most of us lack knowledge of the vital cultural, historic and linguistic background upon which the Bible was written. This lack of knowledge not only creates confusion but also forces us to interpret the Bible through our western ideals and understanding or through established denominational constructs.

The other thing related to an inherent lack of knowledge of biblical culture, history and linguistics is that many of us simply lack an understanding of what the Bible truly is. The Bible is a compilation of inspired, ancient writings that is unlike any other literary work from the past or in existence. It is life; it is spiritual; it contains the Words of the Creator of the Universe and so much more. When we don’t internalize these truths about the Bible before we engage in any reading or study of it, we cannot and will not truly understand it.

Reason #3. The cares of life get in the way.

Life unfortunately happens to each of us. Life impediments such as family concerns, finances, job challenges, relationship conflicts and so many others, choke out the revealing and our ability to understand and process the Word of YHVH in our lives.

Reason #4. We lack sound teachers and teachings.

In addition to having a lack of cultural, historical and linguistic biblical knowledge to aid in our reading and study of Scripture, many of us face major challenges in finding teachers of Faith who rightly divide the Word of Truth. The story of the Ethiopian high-official (wrongly interpreted as eunuch in Acts 8) is a prime example of why having Godly teachers is vital to our spiritual growth and understanding of the Bible at various times in our walk.

Reason #5. Carry-on Baggage

Each of us brings with us excess, carry-on baggage, so to speak, when we come into Faith. Such things as religious traditions, doctrines and understandings; racial and cultural experiences and worldviews; political leanings and preferences; past and abiding sins; spiritual strongholds; habits; questionable mannerisms; anger; hatred; socio-economic biases; and the list goes on. This load of carry-on baggage, so to speak, serves to cover-over, hide and drown out the still-small voice of YHVH as He speaks to us through His Word.

Reason #6. Dependency upon man-made Biblical constructs

Many of us become dependent upon man-made constructs to make up for our deficiencies in bible reading and study. In so doing, we run the risk of  boxing ourselves into mechanical systems that may not allow for the movement and direction of the Holy Spirit in our reading and studies which is essential to any understanding and application of the Word in our lives.

The other thing to keep in mind is that commentaries, when indiscriminately used, may be misleading and cause us to go off-track in our understanding of Scripture. This is generally because the commentators are expounding upon the Scriptures based on their pre-conceived denominational worldviews.

Solutions to the Impediments Preventing our Understanding of the Bible and the Faith

The key to overcoming these and other impediments to our understanding of Scripture and the ways of YHVH and the Faith is to take a full and honest assessment of where we are in our walk and search for Truth. In so doing, we should aim to identify the areas in our walk–such as those impediments mentioned above–that adversely impact our ability to discern and process Truth.

What follows are solutions to the various impediments that prevent us from understanding our Bibles and applying the Word of Truth to our day-to-day walk with Yahoshua Messiah.

Solution #1. Approach bible study and reading with an intent and purpose to hear from YHVH.

It is also important to adopt a proper mindset (purity of heart and mind and soul; hungry for Truth; lacking any guile) when studying and reading Scripture. Must somehow put the baggage that impedes our understanding in their proper perspective, if not discard the baggage if it is not of YHVH.

Solution #2. Seek the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide our study and reading of Scripture. This may require fervent prayer leading up to the study and even after.

Solution #3. Seek out Godly, anointed teachers and teaching to help us bridge the gap of biblical knowledge and understanding. This too will require prayer and seeking the direction and will of the Father.

Solution #4. Let us empty ourselves of the things from our previous lives. In other words, seek the assistance of the Holy Spirit to divest us of those cultural, experiential, biases, sins, strongholds, Ungodly perceptions and opinions that cloud and block our minds from receiving Truth

Solution #5. Seek out others who have successfully walked this thing out and learn how they overcame such impediments.

Solution #6. Let us prioritize our days and make sure that scripture reading and study is factored into each day’s schedule.

Set aside time for study and learning each day. The week Sabbaths are a good place to start. Teaching our children Scripture on a regular basis is also paramount to our spiritual well-being. Torah requires that we train up our children in the ways of YHVH. This is our God-given responsibility.

That which we have learned, we are to share the information with others. One way of doing so is by posting what we learn on social media. It is important that we factor in that which we learn, otherwise, it will be factored out of us, eventually.

Solution #7. Seek out and maintain a substantive relationship with the Father. This is the most important thing we must do in this life. Everything else pales in comparison. When we put Father first, everything associated with our walk falls right in line. We don’t want to treat our relationship with Father lightly. The amount of time we give to our relationship with Father ensures how well we do in growing in and walking out this Faith. Scripture is one of Father’s primary means by which Father communicates with us.

Solution #8. Learn to properly study and read Scripture. Learn to read and study Scripture in proper context. Exegesis (pull out from the text that which Father has given) versus eisegesis (reading into the meaning of the text, which is likely going to be influenced by the excess, carry-on baggage we refuse to let go of. Also, let us make a concerted effort to learn the history, linguistic elements and culture that surrounds the passages and texts in question.

Solution #9. Acquire well-researched Bibles and Bible resources.

Solution #10. Let us resist the urge to be too independent in our study of Scripture. We should not be insistent upon studying alone; that is leaning to our own understanding of Scripture. We do need teachers and teachings to fill in the gaps of our biblical knowledge from time-to-time. It is important that every new believer coming in to Faith be discipled and we must be open to disciple others.

Solution #11. Let us be voracious consumers of the Word as we see described in the persons of the Bereans as recorded in Acts 17:10-12.


Hilary Thomas

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