INAYP 57–HIlary Thomas on The Hebraic Roots of the Christian Faith

Interview with Hilary–introduction
  • I am happy, excited and thrilled to introduce to you my lovely wife of 30-years; my life partner and love of my life–Hilary Thomas

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  • Allow me to give you a brief snap-shot of the life of this amazing woman of Yehovah
  • Mother to our 3 wonderful children (all adults now and all ┬ádoing quite well as they are going about working their own careers), Realtor, powerful and dynamic orator, Bible teacher, soon to be author and powerful witness of Yeshua Messiah
  • Coming from a Conservative Christian and Charismatic background, Hilary came into the Hebraic Roots of the Faith with unique gifts which she has and continues to use in a powerful way
  • Hilary contends that believers must absolutely have the full package: obedience to Torah, a deep rich relationship with the Father and must operate each day in the power and might of Ruach HaKodesh
  • Hilary is a mighty prayer warrior who is not afraid to gear up and go into spiritual warfare when there is a need
  • Founder and CEO of Qumran Family Foundation, a non-profit organization with an expressed goal of helping “Emancipated Foster-Care Youths” in our society who have come out of the foster and local systems get a fair shot in life through an intense life and career training program

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