Episode 23–2013 in Retrospect and 2014 in Perspective

2013 Retrospective

I guess this is welcome to 2014 under the Gregorian calendar. Today is January 2nd. Under the Creator’s Calendar, today is the 29th day of the 10 Biblical Month (aka: Teveth), 6013 FC (reference: Rood’s Astronomically & Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar).

This marks the end of a start-up year as well as the start of a new and exciting year for Qumran Family Church, especially as it relates to It’s Not As You Perceive. Bottom-line Saints, we are going to “blow things up” if you will in 2014. We are going to expand and increase our presence in the Messianic marketplace. Yehovah has given us a message to deliver and we plan on delivering.

Looking back at 2013, we essentially spent the year trying to stand on our new legs so to speak. We made many mistakes and fortunately, we learned a great deal from those mistakes. Thus, we are taking the lessons we have learned in 2013 and are now reformatting, rethinking, and rehashing our message and presence on the internet, especially in the podcasting and blogging world. It is all about saturation dear friends. If you have been following us any length of time during the past year, you probably noticed some major inconsistencies in our blogging and podcasting routine. We produced only a few podcast episodes and wrote just a handful of blogs. Overall, the production and posting of content was inconsistent. We spent a lot of time and money trying to build a competent infrastructure: equipment, services and trainings–and at the same time, we tried to put out content that did not always translate to you, our listeners and readers, very well. Therefore, for the better part of the year we spent a lot of time experimenting with how we thought things should work, trying out this avenue and that, and never actually settling upon a final production formula. Well, I think we have all of this stuff down and we are ready to lunch a full-press attack upon the world coming up here in 2014. To those of you who subscribed to our blog and podcast, a very heartfelt thank you.

In terms of Qumran Family Church, we were privileged to network at two Messianic conferences: Denver Colorado and Arlington Texas. Yehovah blessed Qumran by facilitating connections and associations with fellow Messianic Believers that over time we hope will lead to some great things. Later on in this episode, I will give you a glimpse of the plans we have for Qumran Family Church in 2014.

2013 was an odd year if you ask me. It was a year filled with uncertainty, speculation, tragedy, disappointment, successes and losses.

  • The U.S. Government involved herself in many things that have caused many of her citizens to wonder as to her ultimate intentions in regards to her people and her place in the in the world scene as the world’s great superpower.
  • There were apparent infringements upon the 2nd and 4th amendment rights of her citizens such as legislative and executive branch actions to control guns and rights regarding DNA and genes collection and eavesdropping on citizens’ phone calls, messages, and texts by her government.
  • Controversies and scandals became commonplace as inquiries into Fast and Furious, Benghazi and NSA snooping took front-row center seating
  • Heroes emerged and losers recessed in to obscurity
  • The great fall such as Margret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela
  • New world leaders emerge on the scene as with the election of a new pope
  • Our world continued to show signs and wonders as asteroids streaked brilliantly across the skies of Russia, tornados strike in the heartland of America, and a deadly typhoon makes landfall in the Philippines
  • Technology continues to introduce new, exciting, and troubling advances in the realm of robotics, drones, and communication and information access
  • The first glimpses of a worldwide currency took center stage as Bitcom emerged as a viable monetary alternative for thousands
  • U.S. Congress became ineffective as it received the lowest ever recorded approval from its citizens
  • ObamaCare became the law of the land as many grappled with its viability and suitability for the peoples of the nation while the president suffered one disappointment and challenge after the other over the many failures of the program. The nation observed the incompetency of the government as her leaders inactions sent government operations in to a tailspin.

Reference: http://www.theverge.com/2013/12/30/5224680/the-year-in-review-the-biggest-stories-of-2013

2014 in Perspective

We are looking to 2014 being a great year for Qumran Family Church and her associated ministries. You will have the following to look forward to:

  • Weekly It’s Not As You Perceive podcasts on the topics and issues most important to today’s Messianic Believer
  • New to It’s Not As You Perceive, INAYP News and Prophecy podcast episodes, highlighting news and prophetic events that can have positive and negative impact on daily life of the Messianic Believer’s. As stories emerge, we will highlight them and put them out for immediate consumption
  • New to It’s Not As You Perceive, Messianic Torah Life, a weekly podcast show taking you through the Torah and providing you with thought provoking insights and tools to live righteously in the power and might of Yeshua (aka: Jesus) and the Ruach Kodesh (aka: the Holy Spirit)
  • One or more Perception Moments, designed to provide the Messianic Believer with crucial content that challenges certain belief structures, doctrines and teaching prevalent in the Christian Community today
  • It’s Not As You Perceive and her companion podcasts will be expanding into the Android Market and in various social media
  • We are hoping to arrange one or more interviews with influential Messianic leaders and teachers as the Spirit provides
  • We plan to launch at least one new publication this year that we will make accessible to our valuable subscribers and followers. More to come on this exciting project
  • Qumran Family Church will sponsor regular fellowship meetings in Southern California on the Sabbath
  • Qumran Family Church will facilitate regular Webinars on crucial Messianic topics and issues

Call to Action

Brothers and Sisters, the days ahead appear to be darkening and challenging. Believers of Messiah will be required to contend for their Faith in the midst of unparalleled persecution and tribulation. We trust that this organization and her various ministries will be situated to fill some of the present and future spiritual needs of true Messianic Believers as well as those who are currently in traditional churches but are open to and seeking out the Truth of our Faith. But we need your help. As I mentioned in the opening remarks of this episode, we are trying to build a community of Messianics who are open to dialoguing and supporting one another. Thus, we encourage you to subscribe to this blog and podcasts; comment and provide much needed feedback to us through the various mediums provided by this website; and support this ministry with your prayers and financial gifts.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. We are pledged to make this ministry a benefit to you. It is our greatest joy to not only serve the Master but also to serve you. Discipling, teaching, praying, informing, and fellowshipping will be the guiding principles of Qumran Family Church and her associated Ministries. Come along for the ride and be most blessed.


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