It’s Not As You Perceive Episode 20–The Christian Dilemma of Christmas Part 1

 Jeremiah’s Mirror Held Up to the Face of the Christian

The Prophet Jeremiah
Ian W Scott / / CC BY-SA

The framework of worship that the fundamentalist adheres to today is surprisingly similar to the same framework that Judah adhered to during the days of that Spirit-filled prophet Jeremiah.
Fundamentalists today have all but turned a blind eye to the writings of the Old Testament.

Paul’s writings aptly record and point the reader towards essential Truths. Yet Christianity routinely misinterprets Paul’s writings to the Church’s current demise.

It is imperative that the 21st century believer interpret the writings of Paul and every other author through Hebraic lens.

Indeed, there is substantial evidence to support the contention that our so-called spirit-filled, fundamental and traditional, orthodox Christianity, revered by over 2-billion souls around the world, is largely nothing more than a reiteration of the Roman and Babylonian religious systems of old.

I believe that the first and foremost indicator of this is clearly apparent in the overwhelming reverence and observance that Christmas holds within the fundamental, traditional, and orthodox sects of the Faith.

Read the entire Book of Jeremiah to get a sense of the situation that Judah was facing just prior to, during, and after her fall and the destruction of the Temple.

Babylon captured and sacked Judah and destroyed her Temple because of sin.

Babylon captured and sacked Judah and destroyed her Temple because of sin.








 Debunking the Western Christmas Story

Well, the Gospel account of the birth of the Master has absolutely no connection to Christmas as fundamentalists will contend. If we can, for just the moment, agree that the Savior was not born on December 25, year 0 or 1 AD, then we can begin to have a dialogue that is based upon a common understanding of established fact.

While shepherds watched their flocks...
CharlesFred / / CC BY-NC-SA

Now, let’s answer the question of when exactly was Jesus Christ born? Well, there are many clues that abound in the Biblical record that will help us establish an approximate date of birth for the Master. To begin with, the time of the year: one of the biggest clues as to the time of the year has to be the mention of the shepherds tending their flocks in an open field at night.





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