Atheists on the Attack–But Are They Actually Off-Base?

121113_sd_christmas_640Atheist billboard proclaims nobody needs Christ at Christmas …

American Atheists President David Silverman and ‘The Answer: Proof of God in Heaven’ Author Marius Forte debate the role of religion at Christmas
While driving to work this morning, I tuned in to Fox News Radio and listened to the above mentioned story. Although my initial reaction was one of dismay and outrage over the atheists once again asserting their negative bias towards the Christian Faith, I quickly realized that the owners of the above billboard were actually partially correct in their assertion, although I would venture to guess that they did not have the intention of acknowledging and supporting anything having to do with Christ our Lord.

I have to actually agree somewhat with the sentiments of this billboard…Christ should NOT be associated with the pagan holiday of Christmas by any stretch of the imagination. It is widely known in and around Christian circles, that Jesus was NOT born on December 25th. Even the Pope a couple years ago admitted that Christmas is NOT the birthday of the Savior. In fact, it is clearly established that the 25th of December is the birthdate of Tammuz, the Babylonnian demigod, who is the source of most of the confusion as it relates to this holiday. Furthermore, Christmas under the Romans, was considered the birthdate of Mithras, one of their pagan gods.

Dickens Village 2010
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All things considered, why then do Christian insist on forcing our Lord and Savior in to this pagan holiday when all efforts should be to remove the Savior far from this holiday? The enemy has been hugely successful in cementing in to the minds of believers throughout the world that it is just fine, despite documentation to the effect that Christmas is not the birthday of our Savior but of a pagan demigod, to put Christ in to Christmas.

Isn’t it time for this nation to fall upon her knees and beg forgiveness for this tragic sin…especially when we know better?

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