Announcing the Start of the 10th Month of the Sacred Calendar

Announcing the start of the 10th Month of the Biblical Hebrew Calendar as evidenced by a group of watchers in Jerusalem. Therefore, the 10th Month begins at sundown this evening. Rejoice! Yehovah has provided for us and His mercies are renewed every day. Why is it important to recognize the Biblically-based Hebrew Calendar (researched and produced by Michael Rood)? Failure to understand this agri…cultural and Biblically based calendar can have a devastating effect on one’s ability to understand the
Gospels and Yehovah’s plans for mankind. Virtually all of the mechinations of the Bible are founded upon the Feasts of Yehovah and His sacred calendar. Many of the world’s 10’s of thousands of Christian denominations would simply merge into one truth believing entity if the leaders of each were to adopt and teach these vital truths to their members and repent from their refusal to seek the True message once delivered over man-made and denominational traditions and pagan doctrine.
It’s time for Christians to wake up and learn the truth about their Faith and adopt Yehovah’s ways. Blessings are indeed to be had by those who do so as told in the Book of Deuteronomy. One great place to start is to obtain a copy of Michael Rood’s Agriculturally and Biblically Corrected Calendar and the Chronological Gospels. I refer you to
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